Kim Hall

As far as who or what I am, well, I’m a lot of things. I’m a mom and a wife,  a sister to six, and one of thirty-three just on my side of our immediate family. My husband’s side may be smaller in size but just as dearly loved, and I recognize that I am abundantly blessed by the relationships in my life, even with the chaos, messiness and misunderstandings that are a part and parcel of having a family.

I am a big believer in teaching my children to be thinkers and doers and decision makers. That means that I am not their best friend. I am their mom, and sometimes that means we have to face reality, even if it means my kids don’t like me very much at that moment.

I am far from perfect, and recognize that I am a work in process. Every day, I get up and do my best to walk in my faith. There are days I stumble a lot, and I will share the good and the not so good with you about my path and will encourage you in yours.

I am a voracious reader and researcher, and if I were a cat, well, let’s just say that curiosity would have done me in a long, long time ago. I collect information and resources like a sweater collects cat hair. I share them joyfully, enthusiastically, and sometimes just too darn much, depending on who you ask.

Get away from the edge of the nest, dear child-I'm not ready for you to leave!

Have you already started with the occasional tears when you think about your child leaving home for college? Your heart swells with pride at what a terrific young adult your baby has grown into, yet you get a bad case of the flutterbyes when you even think about them leaving the nest. Take heart, moms. There is goodness to be had at this stage of the journey, along with some simple lessons to help it sit more comfortably on your heart....more