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I'm a FORMER academic,CURRENTLY a writer and blogging mom, ASPIRING  astrophysicist, gazillionaire philanthropist and goddess, and undoubtedly a PERPETUAL dreamer, hopeless romantic, and overanalyzer

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The Curse Of The Blob

I was just innocently typing away on my computer yesterday when I made the mistake of looking down. Darn it! There it was.  A big blob sitting right below my breasts. Yes, folks.  A muffin top.  MY muffin top.  ...more

Introversion Doesn't Have To Mean Boring

I didn't like the dream I had last night.  Not one bit.  I felt so disturbed by it that I actually woke up frowning, trying to analyze it. (Not that I don't analyze everything in the first place anyway).  ...more

Everything I Learned The Day I Finally Met A Tick

We were all just sitting around the family room, watching a scary show on t.v., when the real thriller happened. My husband's side of the family was staying with us for a few days of vacation, which meant we were a full house. Four brothers, a sister, in-laws, the parents, nephews and nieces...We were like a bed and breakfast.  On that particular late afternoon, after everyone got tired from throwing, catching and kicking ball on our front lawn, we all settled in for some relaxed time in front of the television....more

The Day My Third World Self Put My First World Self In Its Place

I was washing a few dishes and enjoying the cold water gushing out from our faucet when from out of the blue, I was reminded of those years in the Philippines when we had a water crisis and some form of water rationing was done in most urban areas. I don't know why I had the thought, but I was suddenly reminded of those days when I would turn on the faucet and nothing would come out of it.  So then I thought to myself, "Oh, I'm using too much water; better turn the faucet down and save some water!" ...more
AlinaZavatsky Living in the First World has really spoiled me too, Alina.  But like you, and ...more

My Son Is Mutating!

We've been living here in the mid-South for close to three years now.  When we moved from Chicago to Nashville, my son was in Pre-K and now, he's going to be in second grade this coming school year.  Three years.  Three years was all it took for what I've long dreaded to finally happen. I think my son has begun to pick up the Southern accent....more

Words of Wisdom That Don't Work Because I'm Too Neurotic

  *Author's Note:  Proceed only if you're checking in with your sense of humor in tow*  Because I always make sure to watch only quality television, today's post was inspired by some lines I constantly hear from certain reality shows.  (Don't bother asking me which ones I'm referring to).  Admittedly, I did have to add some on my own, thus completing this list of words of wisdom that drive me insane when I hear them spoken....more
Lori Wescott LOL!  That's funny, but SO true, Lori!  Thanks for that added 'words of wisdom' :-))more

Of Cabs, Commitment and Clooney

It's Just A Crush....Or Is It?

Our family spent the Easter weekend in Chicago.  As it was also my son's birthday weekend, we figured it would be a great surprise for him if he got to spend it with his favorite cousins from his Dad's side of the family.  ...more

Culture On A Plate: Hosting Parties Abroad Filipino Style

Yesterday, a friend of mine who's Caucasian, told me, "Hey!  I went somewhere on Saturday evening and I was thinking of you the whole time.  I was almost expecting you to walk in!". Naturally I asked, "Why?...more
Grace Hwang Lynch  It's hard to stay slim when these parties happen left and right, haha! ...more