Jamie Reimer

Hi! I'm Jamie. I'm a baker's wife and a stay at home mom. Hands on : as we grow is all about the activities that I do at home with the boys. We're full of energy and excitement and we sneak in learning opportunities wherever we can. But most importantly, we like to have fun with all of it.

Our Most Used Kids Craft Supplies: A Look in My Cupboard

Ever since asking hands on : as we grow readers what supplies you have on hand most of the time, I got a lot of requests to share with you what kids craft supplies I recommend for those of you starting out doing activities with your kids. I have a lot of odds and ends in my craft supplies, from brands sending me random stuff to try, to me getting supplies here and there to try it for an activity or craft. But there’s only a few craft supplies that I buy for the kids over and over again, that I make sure I have on hand in my craft cupboard ....more

“What Dissolves in Water?” Experiment for Kids from the Pantry

This is a fun experiment for preschoolers to predict and observe what will dissolve and disappear in water and what won’t....more

11 Connect the Dots Activities to Ditch the Traditional Worksheets!

I’ve been on a major connect the dots activities kick with the kids lately. From beginner connect the dots for preschoolers to more abstract and hands on connect the dots that got the kids moving. When I searched for more connect the dots activities to do with the kids, I was bummed that all I was finding were number worksheets for them to count and connect ....more

Easy Easter Egg Craft to Make Use of Your Ribbon Stash

A simple ribbon Easter egg craft that surely brightened up the room and added a Spring touch to decorate for Easter! George and I spent a morning making Easter eggs to put in the window! Take a look at these! ...more

Simple & Big Connect the Dots Using Letters

I couldn’t shake the idea of doing a big connect the dots for a move and learn activity. George did a simple connect the dots that’s great for preschoolers, or beginners, that don’t quite know their numbers yet. Its great for fine motor skills and working on writing ....more

Painting With Water is Easy for Toddlers

Painting with water was a blast!...more

Canned Food Blocks for Toddlers

The simplest of blocks for toddlers. After having canned foods out from the older boys’ connect the colors activity, Louis woke from his nap to find a pile of canned foods on the floor. He looked at them like they were a new toy to play with! ...more

34 Edible Sensory Play Ideas! For Kids That Put Everything in Their Mouth

Sensory activities are a wonderful way for young kids to explore new things. Their senses are their view into the world, its how they learn! Occupying babies can be tough at times because they put everything in their mouth ....more

Beginner Connect the Dots for Preschoolers

George isn’t ready for a real connect the dots activity with counting numbers and so on. So I made up a very simple connect the dots for preschoolers like George that’s great for those not quite reading their numbers yet. Its simple ....more

Letter & Number Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers to Learn

This learning scavenger hunt for preschoolers is one of our 32 scavenger hunt ideas for kids, and one of my absolute favorites. Scavenger hunts are always great for days when we...more