Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Sports Fans & Fitness Fanatics

With 10 days left until Christmas, there's still plenty of time to stock up on holiday gifts. Rather than compile another list of suggested gifts for the athlete in your life, here are links to lists I've found that have done all the work for both of us.Kids...more
I liked the Women Talk Sports Gift Guide. I know several people who would like the Yurbuds and ...more

Digging Deep on Marathon Day

(Editor's Note: If you've ever run a marathon in the pouring rain, trying to ignore the freezing cold and extreme discomfort, you might know a little bit about digging deep. That Pink Girl recently ran one of those races and marveled at the experience. The morning of the race, she decided not to run in her calf sleeves. Instead, she chose to decorate her bare gams with a message she hoped would be helpful. See if you're inspired to take on a marathon after reading her story. ~js)...more
LOVE this post!!more

Best Sports Moment of the Weekend: Indiana Stuns Kentucky

Fans went crazy when Indiana knocked off top-ranked Kentucky with a buzzer beater on Saturday. Not only because it was an unlikely win - but because the victory showed the world that Indiana is back in the game. It was a last second holiday gift for Hoosier Nation. ...more
My family & I still have the sore throats from all the screaming! It was the greatest game ...more

And The 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner is...

The 77th Heisman Trophy Winner is...Matt Barkley. Oops.That's not right. The  quarterback, who almost single handedly put USC back on the map this season with his poise, character and performance on the field, was snubbed during the nomination process....more

The Big NBA (Non) Trade & Why I Feel Bad For Pao and Lamar

Thursday was a bit of a roller coaster for Lakers' fans. The NBA was officially back in business - Commish David Stern announced that the owners and players had ratified a collective bargaining agreement, the final step to ending the five-month lockout - and teams could open training camps on Friday. The free-agency period for the 2011-12 season began at 11 a.m. PST....more
I heard on ESPN radio that one of them didn't show up for practice, but I got to work before I ...more

MLB Imposes Media Dress Code, Restricts Skirt Lengths

We've been hearing a lot lately about sports organizations mandating dress codes. Most recently, the Amateur International Boxing Association and Badminton World Federation made news for requiring female athletes to wear skirts during competition....more
@steakNstiffarms @jaymelamm didn't think it was EA either but that is the caption provided by ...more

NFL Spotlight: Tim Freakin' Tebow

Even if you’re not a huge football fan, it’s hard to avoid Tim Tebow, who has practically become a household name. A devout and outspoken Christian, the college-superstar-turned-Denver Broncos quarterback has emerged as one of the most polarizing players in sports history.  Both taunted and supported for his beliefs he is at once a media darling and whipping boy....more
The Vikings got t-bowed the other week. I think it's interesting and nice to see a Football ...more

Do You Love Running in Cold Weather?

(Cold is relative. In Los Angeles, we complain when the temperature dips below 60. Mainers don't complain about cold weather until the thermometer displays sub zero temps. And we all know that the wind chill factor can make places in the Midwest feel downright arctic.  So are you housebound during the winter months? Or do you still get out to exercise? Samantha, from The More I Run, takes it outside year-round and she especially loves running in the winter. ~js)...more
No thank you. lol Running in cold weather causes exercise induced asthma attacks for me. Then ...more

It's Official: Madonna to Perform at Super Bowl XLVI Halftime

We may not know which two football teams are playing Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis but we now know who will be rocking the stage during the halftime show.Confirming a not-so-well-kept secret, the NFL and NBC announced during tonight’s Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints game that Grammy Award-winning singer Madonna will indeed be the featured halftime performer....more
I saw this announced just a few hours before your post went up. My gut reaction the first time: ...more

Duke & Stanford Set For Sunday’s NCAA Women's College Cup Final

 After pounding  ACC tournament champion Florida State 3-0 on Friday night in the first semifinal of the College Cup, Stanford has a chance to play once again for the national title. ...more