Will Women's Professional Soccer Have A Hollywood Ending?

(Lauren Barker from All White Kit has her own take on how the whole WPS drama will play out. For those not following the story, the Women's Professional Soccer league is in jeopardy of losing it's sanctioning from the U.S. Soccer federation. They have just days to pull off a miracle. What do you think of AWK's scenario? ~js)...more

Do You Know Who's Coaching Your Kids?

(The recent charges of sexual abuse against a long-time Penn State University football coach should give every parent pause as they ponder their own child's sport participation. Have you ever taken a hard look at who is coaching your child? Do you know what to expect from those coaching kids? What can you do to ensure children participate in a safe environment?  A group of former athletes, who are now coaches, coaching educators and parents, believe that more needs to be done to protect our children....more

Why the Lack of Female Athletes in Vancouver’s Outgames

(Blogger Keph Senett attended this past summer's International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) North America Cup, a continental soccer tournament that was part of the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) Outgames. Later, she asked why so few of the soccer players at the Vancouver Outgames were women – and why it matters....more

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Begins Divorce Proceedings

Olympic gold medalist and top American skier Lindsey Vonn (nee Kildow) is divorcing husband and chief advisorThomas Vonn after four years of marriage....more

NBA Lockout is Over - Does Anyone Care?

The NBA lockout is tentatively, unofficially, hopefully over.After 149  days of contentious talks between the owners and players, a 15 hour post-Thanksgiving negotiation saved the 2011-12 season bringing an early holiday gift to many....more
@carolynedgar the folks claiming they "don't care" be the same ones hashtagging their "favorite ...more

Preparing for the Buffalo Turkey Trot

(On Thanksgiving Day, or very near it, runners across the U.S. lace up their shoes for some version of a Turkey Trot. And if you anticipate indulging in a huge Thanksgiving feast, you may want to participate in a fun foot race to burn off some calories. Writer/runner Amy Moritz, from Byline to Finish Line, is lucky enough to live in Buffalo where the oldest continually-held race in the U.S. is run annually. Read on to see how she prepares for the the big  race. My favorite piece of advice? Don't feel you've "earned" the right to overeat at the dinner table just because you ran a race....more
Van Cortlandt park in the Bronx with the hubby!more

[Video] Six Year Old Finds It Tough Bein' a Jets Fan

This cellphone video made the rounds this week. Although it's disturbing on multiple levels, it really touched me so I'm sharing.First of all, for a 6 year-old, this kid really knows his shit. So props to him for his incredible knowledge of the NFL and the passion he has for his underdog team.The mom who shot and posted the video on YouTube - not so cool. Here's her description of the footage:...more

OSU Basketball Coaches Killed in Plane Crash

In stunning and tragic news, the Oklahoma State University Cowgirl basketball team has lost two key members of their coaching staff after a plane crash. Head coach Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna both perished in the single engine plane crash Thursday night in mountainous terrain near Perry County, Arkansas....more

Former Olympic Gymnastics Coach Banned For Life After Abuse Allegations

It's not just in Penn State locker rooms where sexual abuse takes place. It's a common secret that coaches in training facilities and locker rooms across the country take advantage of young athletes. There is an atmosphere of exploitation whereby athletes repeatedly report stories of physical or sexual abuse by coaches and mentors they had come to depend on....more

Taking Your 4-Year-Old Daughter to a Football Game

(Editor's Note: When you live in Manhattan, you run up a long list of things you've been meaning to do. Kind of like a New York City Bucket List. MSNBC host Willie Geist has such a list and high on it was attending a Columbia University football game. In this touching Grantland blog, Geist recounts how his 4-year-old daughter became his wingman for a very special day filled with Goldfish crackers, Dora the Explorer and Golden Pants . ~js)...more