Tainted Baseball Players Snubbed By Hall Of Fame

If you've ever been to Cooperstown, home to baseball's Hall of Fame, you know it is a fantastic place to visit with your family and relive a bit of American history as well as your favorite memories of the game. Looking at the plaques for greats such as Babe Ruth, Hank Williams, Nolan Ryan, Carlton Fisk, etc is truly awesome....more

Lance Armstrong Grants Oprah Exclusive Interview: Will He Come Clean?

Embattled cycling star Lance Armstrong is planning a sit down with Oprah Winfrey....more
It was totally disheartening as a cycling fan. Between Floyd Landis and this, I gave up on ...more

MLS Steps Up For Soccer Night in Newtown

 Soccer Night in Newtown gave local families and children a chance to meet with Major League Soccer and U.S. national team stars on Monday night....more

Rex Ryan's Bizarre Ink Raises Questions about Jets' Future

The New York Jets crashed and burned this season, which resulted in the firing of general manager Mike Tannenbaum on Monday.  But that's not the most talked about NFL story right now.There's also been talk that Jets' QB Mark Sanchez could be traded (along with his high profile back-up Tim Tebow).Again - not headline news. Just when you thought that life with the Jets couldn't get any more bizarre, comes news that controversial coach Rex Ryan has been sporting a bizarre tattoo that may hold some clues to the franchise's future....more
I don't even get professional football, so...more

Welcome Back Hannah Storm

Welcome back to sportscaster Hannah Storm. In case you missed it, the Sports Center anchor sustained second- and third-degree burns in a freak grilling explosion at her Connecticut home last month. On New Year's Day, she was in Pasadena hosting the Rose Parade. Thanks to a cadre of hair and make-up pros, she looks great but the scars are obviously still there.  It’s a story well worth watching....more
God bless you, Hannah! What a terrible ordeal! I pray your complete recovery is super speedy!more

Black Monday 2012: NFL Firings

Bye-bye, so long and farewell. For many in the NFL, 2012 is ending on a not very up note. With the regular football season ending on Sunday, firings came on Monday at a furious clip....more
The Chiefs can fire their coach and get a first round draft pick but I seriously doubt they'll ...more

RIP Sports Writing Legend Oscar Madison

Beloved actor Jack Klugman, best known for his characterization of craggy, cigar-chomping sports writer Oscar Madison in the sitcom "The Odd Couple," passed away Christmas Eve at the age of 90. His death was sad news for many in the world of sports writing....more

The Most Memorable Sports Commercials of 2012

Big sports companies know how to kick things up a notch when marketing their products. And since 2012 was an Olympic year, all sorts of other brands got in on the action. From Nike to Kellogg's to Visa and P&G, take a look at some of my favorite sports commercials from the past year. A couple may require a tissue. NEXT------>...more

Sport Helps Restore Normalcy to a Wounded Town

Despite the horrific events last week in Newtown, Conn. most residents of the small community wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Having grown up not far from Newtown, I can relate to how idyllic it is to be part of a small New England town....more

WNBA Announces Major Rule Changes for 2013

Last week, the WNBA Board of Governors approved three key rule changes effective for 2013.  The new rules address flopping and defensive three-seconds, while also extending the three-point line. The changes will speed up the play of the game and lead to more offense: four ten-minute quarters, a :24 second shot clock and no more jump ball to start the second half. ...more