Hurdler Lolo Jones Going For Olympic Glory In Bobsled

With the London Games well in our rearview mirrors, all eyes are on Sochi, Russia - site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. And once again, two-time Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones is in the spotlight....more

[Video] Prepare to be Amazed: Ironman Inspiration

The Ironman World Championship in Kona has come and gone and the event was officially AWESOME. Thanks to long-time sponsor Timex Sports, I was privileged to spectate this year’s iconic race – a monster of an endurance challenge that includes a 2.4-mile ocean swim  followed by a 112-mile bike ride through scorching lava fields and a 26.2 run down Queen Ka’ahumanu highway....more
So inspirational. Made me tear up - and you talked me into signing up for that 5K my daughter ...more

Eco-Travel Tales From Central America

If you’ve been shopping for a vacation destination lately, you have probably come across the term "eco-tourism". Brochures – made from recycled paper of course -  entice guests with panoramic views from private lounge chairs on teak-decked terraces. Zip lines traverse deep gorges over the rainforest canopy while Howler monkeys frolick in their natural habitat. These venues boast of private reserves, diverse ecosystems and an opportunity to experience nature in unprecedented fashion....more

Kona Ironman: Behind The Scenes

Ever dream of competing in an Ironman? How about the mother of all Ironmen – Kona? If so, join me for a behind-the-scenes look at all the prep, training, and craziness that goes into one of the greatest endurance races ever....more
@Yvonne do you know her number? I'll watch for her!more

If Platelet Rich Plasma Helped A-Rod, Kobe and Tiger, Could It Help Me?

(Pain and sports go hand in hand. How far would you go to reduce pain and improve your performance? Anne Rosales from Second Serve takes a look at a treatment that is gaining popularity....more
This is an interesting idea - and I'm sure we'll hear more about this for all kinds of athletes ...more

Pat Summitt Felt Forced Out After Alzheimer's Diagnosis

When former Lady Vol's head basketball coach Pat Summitt announced she was stepping down from her post at Tennessee earlier this year, it seemed an obvious decision. She had been diagnosed with early-onset dementia and it was understandable that she might want to retire and dedicate more time to her health and family....more
Thank you for this article!  I hoped at the time that this was genuinely Coach Summitt's own ...more

Bobby Valentine - You're Fired!

After a tumultuous year with the Red Sox, it's buh-bye for Bobby Valentine. The season started off rough - with major discord between the manager and players - and ended with the ballclub's worst season in almost 50 years.This tweet made it official:BREAKING: Bobby Valentine will not return as #RedSox Manager in 2013. EVP/GM Ben Cherington to lead managerial search....more

9 Things I Discovered on the Way to My First 10K

September 24, 2012. San Dimas, California.  A date and a place that will forever be etched in my personal history. It was the day I conquered a 10K race.  I ran it just like I had planned to do and finished it just as I had expected to do (well, actually four minutes better than I expected). I am a 10K runner.Runner photo via shutterstock...more
@hionu DO IT. ...she says as she sits on her couch. lmaomore

Adios Bitches, Gets U.S. Field Hockey Coach Fired

An Olympic coach who wrote, “Adios bitches” as his signoff in an email letter to members of the U.S. women's Under-21 field hockey team was recently fired. Junior national field hockey team coach Nick Conway was let go after taking the team to a bronze medal at the Pan American Junior Championships, and securing a berth in the 2013 Junior World Cup....more
I think that firing him for this sends a very positive message. Here is a man, in a position of ...more

Reactions to NFL Bringing Back the Real Refs

It's time to say farewell to the Replacement Refs - the much maligned group of officials who have been botching big calls since the beginning of the NFL season. The league reached an eight-year agreement with the Referees Association on Wednesday night to end the lockout, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the refs will be back on the field starting Thursday night. Hallelujah...more
This GB Packer fan is very happy indeed.more