Wow! Gabby's $100 Million Cereal Deal

Petite. Powerful. And now prosperous as well. Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas is on top of the world. She's also on a box of cereal after inking the first of what may be more than $90 million worth of deals. Following Douglas's win of a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics in the women's individual All-around competition, she joined a league of other Olympians as part of the cereal box tradition.courtesy Kellogs...more
@IAmJohnLai A viable career option: Sport endorseemore

Eight Women Disqualified In Olympic Badminton Scandal

The best headline I saw for this story was Slate's Shuttlecock and Bull. Catchy headline aside, why were eight female badminton players deliberately trying to lose?...more

Jordyn Wieber: There’s No Crying... in the Olympics?

(Editor's Note: If you're following the Olympics, you probably know that 17 year-old gymnast Jordyn Wieber, last year’s World Champion, missed the cut and will not be able to compete in the individual all-around competition at the London Games. The rule states that only two athletes from each team are allowed to perform and since Wieber finished  third on the U.S. team, she has to watch the all-around from the sidelines. And guess what? The teenager cried when she fell short of her goal....more

Journalist's Twitter Account Suspended, Reinstated After Anti-NBC Olympics Tweets

The Twitter hashtag #NBCfail – about the network’s shortcomings in Olympic coverage — has garnered a lot of online support. Disgruntled viewers banded together after Friday’s decision to not live stream the opening ceremony. From tape-delays to often insipid commentary,  many on Twitter agree that NBC sucks at covering the Summer Games....more
I have been very disappointed with NBC's Olympic coverage.  Suspending a journalist's twitter ...more

Breaking Down the Olympics: Where, When and How to Watch

With unprecedented coverage of the 30th Summer Olympics, including more than 5,000 hours of footage and 10 viewing platforms from primetime TV to cable, internet and mobile, you can keep up with the London Games pretty much anytime and anywhere....more

Highlights of the Opening Ceremony

It was quite a night in London as the 30th Summer Games kicked off for a third time in the city. Fireworks exploded off the Tower Bridge, Olympic rings were forged, James Bond took a wild wide with the Queen and bedtime stories were told....more
Too true Sandy! Even my son who is in his early 20's thought McCartney brought the house down. ...more

Why Don't More Women Watch Women's Sports?

(Editor's Note: The John Curley Center for Sports Journalism at Penn State recently took a look at why women don't watch more women's sports - a topic that perplexes female athletes as well as executives who run women's sports leagues....more
I find this article a little, well, off track? It just seems to be taking what is, perhaps, the ...more

[UPDATE] Who Should Carry the U.S. Flag at the Olympics Opening Ceremonies

There's no better expression of the "Olympic spirit" than the Parade of Nations and aside from actually putting a medal around one's neck, there's no greater honor for an Olympian than to carry his or her country's flag in the procession. At the Opening Ceremonies, each country’s team is preceded into the stadium by an athlete or delegation representative bearing the country’s flag, a tradition started at the 1908 Olympic Games in London....more

Mega Surprises On Tap for Opening Ceremony: Sir Paul, Mary Poppins & Lord Voldemort?

The London Games officially kick-off on Friday but the first matches were contested today. The US women's soccer team played France in Hampden Park this morning, and after a bumpy start in which France scored two goals in two minutes, they came back to finish 4-2. The men's tournament will start tomorrow....more
Who cares about Sir Paul. POPPINS VS VOLDY! more

Paterno Statue Removed From Penn State Prior to NCAA Sanctions

Penn State University President Rodney Erickson ordered the removal of the Joe Paterno statue on Sunday, a day prior to the NCAA levying "unprecedented" sanctions against the University....more
There are certain things that should not be sacrosanct, Football, the Catholic Church, let me ...more