Judy Laquidara

A city girl living my dream on a small ranch in central Texas. I'm a quilter, a gardener, a wife, a mom and a grandma. I grew up in a small town in southwest Louisiana, and spent most of my early adult years there. After Vince and I married, we moved to Kentucky, then to Missouri, and now we're in Texas and I hope this is where we stay. As a quilter, I've written three books, all published by American Quilter's Society. Nine Patch Extravaganza was published in 2007. Weekend Quilts was published in 2010 and 60 Pieced Quilt Borders published in 2012. We have 20+ chickens. The bantams keep hatching babies so the number grows more rapidly than we'd like. I love to cook! We have a rather large vegetable garden and 20+ fruit trees. We eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and I can a lot of them. Every day is an adventure around here. We look forward to each and every day of enjoying life on our little ranch!

My Blogs

Solar is Installed

The solar panels are installed and the system is running. The panels are producing even more power than we had planned and to say we are happy is an understatement. Vince just said “This is one of the best investments we’ve made!” and I agree ....more

Storing Canned Food

When canning as much as I can, food storage can get to be an issue. I’ve been really lucky that we’ve lived where I had plenty of room to store my canned foods. In Missouri, in our basement, we had a concrete safe room that was about 12′ x 30′ and then had an “L” […] ...more

Canning Information

Several have asked questions about canning so, even though this post will be long, I will try to give you enough information to get you started. I can for several reasons: Putting food up for safer, better tasting storage than putting it in the freezer. Foods last much longer in a jar that has been […] ...more

The Lady at Kroger

Yesterday as I was walking into Kroger, there was an elderly lady outside looking at the plants on the sidewalk. She had just gotten off the little van that serves as “mass transit” in our town. She was all dressed up in nice pants and a sweater set ....more

Canning Sweet Potatoes

Here’s another one of those “meant to be” moments. Is it because I’m always looking for them or do they just happen to me more than I deserve? ...more

The New Coop

Vince is being so darned agreeable with this new coop . . it scares me! If there was something he wanted, I would be sure he was preparing to tell me he’s buying something big but I can’t think of anything he might want ....more

Hatching Eggs

Several weeks ago, I began to investigate the possibility of hatching eggs instead of buying baby chicks at Tractor Supply . . not that I stopped buying chicks . . but there are varieties that Tractor Supply doesn’t have and we are moving more towards heirloom breeds of chicken, and those are pretty hard to […] ...more

No Coincidences

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe things often happen to us, or for us, that are meant to be shared, to help others along the way or maybe to keep others from making the same mistakes we make. So often, as a Christian, I believe things happen that could not have […] ...more

Design Wall – April 21, 2014

All those One Block Wonders blocks were on my design wall . . til the solar people were here working and they needed to go into my sewing room to hook up how the energy produced by the solar panels goes through the internet to some site where we can monitor it . . I […] ...more

Stash Report – Week 16, 2014

Nothing used but I did send 6 yards of fabric to Nicole! ...more