Julia Jasmine Sta Romana

I was already a home worker before I had my baby because my job (medical information analyst) allowed me to telecommute. I became a work at home parent out of necessity; I couldn’t find good child care for baby after I gave birth. So I quit my job and became a writer/virtual assistant.

What started as just a job to make ends meet has now turned into a career for me. I now write for several blogs and websites, including one of the biggest news agencies in the Philippines. I also do search engine optimization, social media management, and online reputation management for clients.

But what I enjoy doing most is being a hand-on mom to my now 3 year old daughter. There are times I feel I’m not doing enough as a mom or as a writer. Good thing I have a very supportive husband who is always willing to cheer me on and tell me that he’s glad that I’m a work at home mom.

Welcome To The Wonderful World of WAHMs (Work At Home Moms)

You’ve probably heard of the stay at home mom. You’ve probably also heard of the working mom. And I’m sure you’ve also heard about what right and wrong with these two types of mom. Stay at home moms have the benefit of being there for their kids, but most of the time it’s at the expense of the careers. Working moms have jobs and careers that allow them to contribute to the family finances. But they often feel like they’ve missed out on a lot of important moments in their children’s lives. ...more