Julie Kang

Julie Kang was born in Seoul and quickly traded her Korean language skills for a Valley Girl accent when her family settled in southern CA when she was a child. Often described as "too big for the room," Julie embarrasses her umma daily with her unconventional humor and potty mouth. Julie writes for the Kimchi Mamas as well as her personal blog, Geisha School Dropout. She is married to Tim, mother to Isaac and Emily, and they all live in Long Beach, CA in a 50's neighborhood straight out of "The Brady Bunch."

Margaret Cho in the Korean Spa: On Birthday Suits and Birth Rights

Last week, Margaret Cho published a missive on her blog and on the women's site Jezebel about a bad experience at Aroma Spa & Sports, a Korean-style spa (jjimjilbang) in Los Angeles. She was in the women's sauna, fully nude, when some other patrons threw her some dirty looks because her body is heavily tattooed. Things escalated quickly when the management, by request of these other patrons, asked her to cover up her body....more
I am a half korean third culture kid, and and can intimately relate with Ms. Cho's story. I have ...more

Baby, You're a Big Girl Now

Dear Daughter, ...more