Julie Weckerlein

It all started when an American girl fell in love with a German boy.


In 2001, I started a little website for friends and family to follow our wedding plans. At the time, I was a US Airman and he was a tank commander in the German Army. We were marrying in Germany, but with friends and family around the world, we wanted them to follow along with our plans. But then the terrorist attacks on 9/11 happened, and our site took on a new role as friends and family wanted to stay connected to us as our respective militaries responded to that.


It's been nearly 12 years and while the site's evolved, it's always been a reflection of our lives as a military family. A little bit of this, a little bit of that as we moved from Germany to Italy to the Pentagon, with time in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Now living in the Washington DC area with our three children, we’re juggling family life with my work life and Martin's military service in the Air Force Reserve.


And all along, we just keep updating and sharing our lives with photos, video and some insight and humor.

Since 2001, I've shared it all on my personal blog: the ups and downs, the joy and the sadness. While I work doing social media for the government, I'm a writer and photographer, too, and most of all, proud wife and mother. All thoughts and ideas expressed here and on my blog are all my own.

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