Jennifer Hast

Jennifer Hast is a classically trained vocalist, full-time bean counter that discovered a passion for firearms at the age of 29.  Jennifer loves bringing in new shooters and inspiring women to empower themselves. She’s still glowing from teaching her 80 year old grandmother to shoot a handgun.

Oh Pickled Eggs!

Why did it take me so long to discover the deliciousness that is pickled quail eggs? You remember the eggs, right? So we pickled the last of the quail eggs ....more

Best Thrift Store Find Ever

You know, I’ve made some...more

Trying Something New

Trying a new spam blocker thing. (This one, if you’re curious. It sounded entertaining.) Please let me know if you are unable to comment ....more


Well I appear to be back online after fighting with a plugin gone rogue. And in madly tearing out the plating in an effort to excise the demons, I borked up I’m a bad, bad admin ....more

At The Away Game

Oh the things that make me laugh before coffee. This was going through my head when I got up this morning and so I dropped it over at Tam’s place. And then I thought to myself, “Hey Self! ...more

Men Don’t Rape

Rapists rape. Some rapists happen to be male and others happen to be female. Most of them understand that what they are doing is wrong ....more

Incompatible With Life

Three words you don’t want to hear at a prenatal appointment. It’s supposed to fun and exciting to see your baby on that screen. To hear their heart beat ....more

For Your Consideration

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Tin Can Assassin and his family. Progeny is a delightfully spirited child with a powerful drive for exploration. Without diving into the details, he’s in need of some help ....more