Justine Lorelle LoMonaco

My name is Justine. And I write a blog about the weird things that happen to me. It’s also a blog about cooking. And a blog about decor and crafts. And a blog about the funny things my friends say. Sometimes it’s a blog about money. Almost forgot, it’s also a blog about family. Oh, geez, and sometimes it’s a blog about fitness. Every now and then, it’s a blog about travel. A lot of the time, it’s a blog about really nerdy things. Basically, it’s a blog about things I like. And, yeah, ok, things I hate too.

This is a blog about life. Mostly my life, but occasionally other people’s lives too. (Like my handsome husband; we got married in April 2011.)

I’m a writer-turned-marketer/writer, which has been, well, a weird adjustment. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that nothing stays the same forever.

Which is why I would never promise you a blog about one thing, when I know very well it’s about many.

Basically, this is a blog about stories. I like to tell stories. A lot of stories. Sometimes the same stories over and over. This is hopefully a step to correct that.

3 things I learned this week

Recently for work, I was selected (along with a bunch of other editors) to film 30-second videos for a client. We shot the videos in our office over two days, including an interview segment and a B-roll “real life action” portion. The last time I experienced anything remotely like this was when I was in Glamour a zillion years ago, and before that when I would occasionally appear on camera for a wedding website I worked for ....more

Taming of the shrew.

Do you ever catch yourself being the worst version of yourself? Maybe you’re perpetually slacking off on responsibilities. Maybe you’re lacking motivation and putting things off ....more

Try Something New: City Row

By now, you might be a little burnt out on spin classes, stair climbers, and running around in the 80+ degree weather we’ve been experiencing. That’s where the latest fitness studio trend comes in: rowing. I had experienced rowing in my Throwback Fitness classes, but I had yet to take a class entirely around the old school workout technique ....more

How to Plan a Kate Spade Party

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I love a theme. (Symptom of being an overplanner.) I typically plan one themed (or at least more elaborate) party a year, and since it had been over a year since my Mad Men housewarming, I was due for another. The party would be to introduce a few of my girl friends ....more

Summer Stress

I love summer, but I don’t think it could ever be my favorite season. Mostly because, while it is packed with loads of fun things to do, it always comes with a certain amount of stress. A side effect of being a planner is that, often times, I tend to overplan my life ....more

Spring Simplification Update 4: Finished!

I’m pretty thrilled to announce that I have completed the Spring Simplification List (with a couple caveats, I suppose). BEDROOM Move bed back Hooks for hats and bags Move trunk into bedroom Hang curtains Fix pictures over drawers LIVING ROOM New coffee table or TV dinner trays Clean up corners Map for over couch Organize desk area Create more organized entryway CLOSETS Straighten linen closet Clean out front closet Reorganize crawl space KITCHEN Get Norden IKEA table Sell dinner table (added to...more

The time I tangled with ASOS.com

If you’ve partaken in any experience involving the service industry with me, it has probably come up how much I hate poor customer service. To me, there are few things less excusable than a CS rep telling me there is “nothing they can do,” especially because I don’t really consider myself all that difficult to please. Did I come into your eating establishment looking to exchange funds for food and services? ...more

Spruced Up Study Hall

Our computer desk has been a bit of a trial for me. In our first apartment, I never really loved how it looked (apologies for that atrocious photo), and in our new apartment, it’s the first space to start looking cluttered after I’ve given the apartment a deep clean. And because organizing the desk area is on the simplification list...more

Money-Saving Beauty Products Round-up

Living in New York City, it can cost a lot to look the way you want. Stylists are more expensive, manicures are more mandatory, and there’s almost always something going on that you want to dress up for. And while I’m all for maintaining my style, I hate feeling like I’m spending money on something that is ultimately going to grow out or wash away ....more

What I’ve Been Reading, June 2014

Let’s work on those summer reading lists, shall we?...more