Jenn Fujikawa

A former architectural designer, turned food blogger and social media consultant, Jenn Fujikawa started justJENN recipes as an online collection of recipes in 2007. Known especially for geeky baking, the site has been featured on Buzzfeed, Babble,, Cupcakes Take the Cake, Sanrio and most recently the cover of Food Network Magazine.


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Horchata Donuts

ingredients: 1 cup all-purpose flour 2/3 cup sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon pinch of salt 1 egg 2/3 cup horchata 1/2 teaspoon vanilla glaze ingredients: 1 cup powdered sugar 2-3 Tablespoons horchata Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Prep a donut pan by greasing it with butter. Set aside ....more

Deadpool cupcakes

It’s the wedding of the year, Deadpool is getting married! Didn’t get an invite? Impossible, everyone was invited! ...more

Guacamole Bacon Dogs

I’m normally not a fan of hot dogs but they were my Grandpa’s favorite food, go figure. We celebrated many a birthday for him with hot dogs and pie. Hey, the man knew what he liked ....more

Captain America Red White and Blue Cupcakes

This Friday is the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and those who have already seen them movie say it’s the best in the Marvel series! I’m excited to see the continuation of the Captain America story and where it takes us in the Marvel cinematic universe! Inspired by Cap’s shield and all-American colors I decided to make red, white and blue cupcakes…CAPcakes! ...more

Spam Mochi Waffles

I know, I get it. For anyone not living in Hawaii Spam might be considered a “four-letter word,” yes literally but you know what I mean. However if used in the right way Spam can be a glorious accompaniment! ...more

Disney Pirate Fairy cupcakes

My kids loved Peter Pan and the idea of Neverland and pirates was something that was part of their everyday playtime activities. Now from the World of Peter Pan comes an all-new movie giving us a deeper look into the fairy world! Disney’s The Pirate Fairy is full of fairy fun along with a whole lot of pirate mayhem! ...more

Chocolate Ganache Ritz Crackers

Ever feel like you’re having one of those days, wait – one of those weeks when things just aren’t going your way? We all do. Sometimes the best thing to do to lift your own spirits is to do something nice for someone else! ...more

Mickey Ears Cake Pops

I was happy to receive a Disney baking package in the mail from a recent #DisneySide twitter party! Inside were some adorable Mickey head cookie cutters and a few other fun surprises. As a fan of Mickey Pops at the park I knew that using these baking tools, I could come up with some great treats ....more

St. Patrick’s Day food

St. Patrick’s Day is here which means it’s time for all things green! The idea of green food can be a little bit off-putting but if you use ingredients that are naturally green or matcha for color, you can get some stunning, fun meals ....more

Nutella Hamantaschen

Growing up I had a lot of Jewish friends and so I knew about all of the holidays. Hamantaschen is eaten at Purim, a holiday that celebrates the Jews deliverance from Haman’s evil plot. It’s a cookie that represents Haman’s three cornered hat ....more