Happy 30-something realtor and artist. Passionate about creating, inspiring, and helping others reach their goals.

Real estate bio:

A fourth-generation Oregonian and lifelong Portland resident, Kaira has acquired an extensive knowledge of our neighborhoods and all the city has to offer.  Kaira gained over ten years sales and marketing experience in the communications industry before discovering her passion was in working as a professional real estate broker.  Blending her Portland know-how with her strong sales background, Kaira hit the ground running in real estate seven years ago, both as a broker and an investor.  Kaira’s passion for quality and hard work has resulted in her earning a reputation for excellent client services and continuous referrals from her long list of loyal buyers and sellers.

A key to Kaira’s accomplishments is her commitment to continuous improvement in both her personal and professional life.  Kaira has not only grown by serving a broad base of client interests through closing numerous residential transactions.  She has also acquired her principal broker’s license, completed a wide variety of accredited educational programs on local and national market trends, was selected as a lead broker for Portland’s South Waterfront District, and became one of Oregon’s first real estate brokers to be certified as an E.A. S.T.A.R. “Green” broker through Earth Advantage.

In her personal life, Kaira enjoys hiking, cycling, camping, and anything outdoors.  She is committed to a sustainable and “green” lifestyle and uses the latest technology to maintain a competitive edge.  Kaira also loves running through Portland’s parks, hills, and streets, rain or shine, and treasures the Oregon coast.

I peed my pants. I literally peed. on. myself.

Whomp, there it is.  Me, in all my glory.  This is what my life has come to.  Two degrees, small business owner, wife and mother of 2, and now I will only be known as The Urinator.  I accept defeat WORLD!! YOU WIN!  I peed the fight right out of me.  How did I find myself in such a situation, you ask?  Well, pardon the pun but it all started because I was pissed.  Literally and figuratively.  Let's take a look back, shall we?...~cue wobbly screen and Mike Meyers~ "biddily-doo, biddily-doo, biddily-doo". ...more

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Gobble Gobble: Time for a Thanksgiving Craft Round-Up!

Thanksgiving must be near. My sons have been bringing home turkey craft after turkey craft after really cute turkey craft for the past two weeks. Our refrigerator is covered with various shapes and sizes and colors of gobblers. I almost don't need to plan any crafts for us to do at home, except that even with my craft-fail-slash-aversion, I think turkey crafts are easy, fun and cute. Plus, teaching my kids to be thankful is of the utmost importance. So bring on the Thanksgiving crafts! ...more

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: Family, Friends and Fun ... is there anything else more important???

Before the Weather Hits: How to Make Your Own Emergency Survival Kit

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Volcanic explosions. Floods. Tornadoes. Fire. Terrorist attack. There are any number of events that can turn your life into a fight for survival. You've got a better chance of winning that fight if you are prepared. ...more

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Make Your Nuptials Delicious With Edible Wedding Favors

Recently, I've been to several weddings that offered terrific edible favors. My friends Susan and Don sent guests home with a jar of Old Bay Seasoning and Susan's recipe for crab cakes -- a perfect complement to their Ocean City, MD celebration. Here on the West Coast, my friends Roger and Michelle gave guests mint tea, a nod to their Moroccan-themed wedding and the restaurant where they first met. ...more

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