Kathleen Forbes

I’m Kathleen. I’m a wife and mother in my 30′s living just outside of Houston, Texas. I’ve been married to my husband David since October 3, 2008. We struggled with infertility and miscarriage for two and a half years before giving birth to our daughter Meredith on July 20, 2011. We welcomed our son Liam into the family on January 17, 2014. Jury’s out on whether or not we will have more kids (he says no, I say maybe)! We also have one crazy dog. I’m a working mom, which I have conflicted feelings about. I’m an oncology nurse at an outpatient infusion clinic and I find it extremely challenging and rewarding. But I do ache for the missing time with my kids and other things. I have a ton of interests, personally. I am always reading and listening to an audiobook. Maybe I don’t plow through them very fast, but I do plod along consistently and usually get through about fifty per year. I also enjoy crafting. My first love is paper, but cross stitching is a close second. These days I keep up with Project Life (my favorite way of scrapbooking and the only one I’ve found that works for me), have one needlepoint project going on at all times, and am learning to sew. Style is something that inspires me but is also a new area of interest for me. The process of decorating our house and updating my personal wardrobe feels ongoing and never ending, but lots of fun. I am interested in natural and simple living, and am slowly making changes in my life and in our household to reflect those values. My life is jam packed (with goodness!) and to make the most out of it I’ve become a planner, a list maker, and a goal setter. I try to live with intention, even if that means I intend to let the dishes pile up and eat way too many M&M’s just this one time.

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project life 2014 : weeks 25 – 26

When I printed these photos I actually thought that it would be a pretty colorful spread, but in the end it turned out fairly neutral again. At this point I’m just going to embrace it because that is obviously my style! It’s the same with the way I dress ....more

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things i’m working on

I’m working on...more

olivebox may 2014

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