I am a mother to three young kids (soon to be four) which means I spend my days playing referee and cleaning up bowls of cereal that miraculously fell off the table without anyone’s knowledge.  Motherhood has been a tough road and although it has it’s rewarding moments I find myself coping through humor and sarcasm.

I find snippets of time to work as a graphic designer and chip away at a mile long list of home projects just waiting for my love and attention.  My husband doesn't quite share my passion for home projects (or any project for that matter) but has learned once my mind is made up there's no stopping me. He's purchased power tools for my last several Mother's Day/Birthday/Christmas gifts and I couldn't be happier about the arrangement.

 I firmly believe I can do anything I put my mind to (with the help of the internet and youtube) and I will work my hardest to instill the same confidence and curiosity in my children.  There is so much to learn in the world around us and I spend most days trying to soak it all in.

Supermom is dead...

I have to laugh when people look at the projects I do and ask, "How in the world do you get everything done that you do? I barely have time to...(insert some random activity)." Although the blogging world gives us unrealistic expectations of what we should be as mothers or wives - the reality is far from what is portrayed in blogland. ...more

Favorite Baby Products Giveaway

I'm due to have my fourth baby in just a few weeks - I'm going to spend the next couple weeks going over my favorite baby products in details including why I love my stroller so much. I'll also be giving away some of my favorite products. www.lifewithfingerprints.com...more