Make this Bread: Garlic Ranch Bread Machine Bread

@Laine Griffin this would be perfect with your lasagna soup. :)more

Lost and Found

I'm not sure if she went missing because I threatened to replace her with Shutterbug, the tiny pony.  Hubby said that replacing Pixy was a bad idea, that I needed to keep her as my muse even though she is starting to look pretty ragged.  His thinking is that the "aging of pixy" due to travels and such will be interesting to see over the year.   Actually, they both went missing for a while and Shutterbug is still no where to be found!...more
@HomeRearedChef she runs away! i swear Virginia! haha :)more

When You Would Rather Text Than Talk

I am not crazy about texting. Sorry! And I have always hated talking on the phone (except when I ...more

Just a thursday

I think it was -2 when I woke up this morning, the coldest day of the year so far here in the greater Milwaukee area.  It was pretty windy too, and our last snow was powdery, so it was drifting on the way to Nikki's.  She was feeling pretty sick so I got out early to help her.    ...more
@KarenLynnn@Laine Griffin Hey-- I think 12 minutes is great. Those bikes are killer. Like Lainey ...more

One of my Two Greatest Gifts

Today my son turns 32 at 7:49 pm.  My life changed forever that day, I feel blessed to be his mom.  He's kind and caring, loves his family and smart.  I love you Buddy.  :)  ...more
Those faces don't look silly to me! You are a lucky lady, and they are lucky "kids." Hope he had ...more

Storage Wars. Navy Nurse Loses.

I was shocked when I heard the story on my local tv channel.  A navy officer from West Bend who was deployed, had her storage locker auctioned off.  That locker contained all her worldly posessions, including her medals and family heirlooms. They were auctioned off, storage wars style,  when her tour of duty was extended and the fees weren't paid....more
@HomeRearedChef yeah, memories and treasures. sad story. more

Cruise Ship Overturns in Mediterranean Sea (Yikes)

I have a huge fear of cruise ships. I've been seasick aboard my parents sport fisher. I just can't imagine being stuck on a cruise ship for days seasick. But I finally found a cruise opportunity I couldn't turn down -- and I said yes. And this morning, woke up to the news that the cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized Friday night, killing five people. ...more
 @slsandlin yes, that's how i feel too.  the best vacation ever was in the Mediterranean!  I ...more

Shocking Video: Marines Urinate on 3 Dead Militants in Afghanistan

Have you seen this video, which appears to show U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters? I was shocked and ashamed, embarrassed and angry. How do you feel about it? Trigger alert: This video may be shocking and is likely not suitable for children or the workplace. ...more
@isthisthemiddle Thanks Melanie, I'm really glad you showed the compassionate side of these vets ...more

Reorganizing the Kitchen Part 2

Here is my spice cabinet before.  I relocated it from the oven side of the kitchen to the stove side, creating an easier flow in my kitchen triangle. ...more
@KarenLynnn I'm making a note...12 kinds of coffee....gotcha'...will go to the store ...more

Reorganizing the Kitchen

So last year at this time we had started kitchen renovations.  Actually it started right after I came home from my spinal fusion, and I was in a morphine induced fugue state so I don't remember much about it, except it wasn't completely finished until late May.  ...more
@victorias_view oh wow, that sucks. our stove top is far enough away to be out of that danger. ...more