Ever wonder what the Dentist gives for Trick or Treat?

Have you ever wondered what the neighborhood dentist gives for Trick or Treat?  Why candy of course!  And dental supplies!  :) ...more
Now that is funny! One would guess that candy would be the last thing they hand out, but NOOOO. ...more

Quinn, through Grandma's eyes

All of a sudden he's talking, seriously learning so quickly I just can't believe it.  When I get to Nikki's, I usually am greeted by her dogs Jessie and Sammy and Robert the cat.  They are ostracized for now because Quinn just doesn't understand that he can't grab tails and pull.  Hopefully, Mr. Q will grow out of this phase long before Gavin grows into it!...more
And there is always so much to see, and so much to laugh at too! @KarenLynnnmore

Trying to Quit Tabacco?

When I saw the neurosurgeon in January, he told me that if I did not quit smoking after the surgery, there was no guarantee that it would be a success.  The NS spun bone stem cells from my hip during the surgery, grafted them into my spine, held together with rods and screws.  He said that people who smoke never grow bone, they grow stringy cartilage....more
@isthisthemiddle thanks so much, i am so glad i didn't go back to smoking tobacco after being ...more

How do I learn to accept Limitations?

My family doctor is an awesome man.  He is, without a doubt, looking out for my best interests.  He's frank and tells me like it is.  So do I listen?  Not always.  I eventually listen....more
@victorias_view done... just got to transfer them to the computer. more

The menopausal ITCH

Where to start.  Well, I'm 54 almost 55 and got thrown into menopause in 2007 via chemo.  It hit me so hard, I got knocked for a loop.  What was happening to my body?  My mind?  I mostly accept that this is where I am now. Once I started menopause and relaying symptoms to the family doc and the oncologist, I realized that I can blame anything strange happening to my mind or body on menopause.  Right?...more
@isthisthemiddle yeah, especially once we hit 50 apparently. haha!more

My Handsome Little Men

this is my little buddy Quinn.  he likes to sit on my lap and play trains.  he makes my heart sing!   ...more
Aww. Sweeties. Love those names, too.more

A Pleasant Side Effect of my Spinal Fusion

You know those leaky pipe commercials?  I had considered asking the doc about trying that drug because man, was I leaky.  The thing is, it's been this way for years.  I'd say at least five years.  Dr. B the family doc diagnosed it as stress incontinence and told me to do kegel exercises.  The symptoms just got worse once the oncologist threw me into menopause.  I kind of gave up hope on ever feeling feminine again, how could I when I had to always always wear a pad? ...more
That is wonderful that a side effect was actually a pleasant one for a change! I loved the ...more

I've been discovered!

I've been discovered!  (kind of) (sort of) (it's a start!) I got this message today on my flickr: Hi KarenLynn,My name is Jessie, I am the photo editor at Go magazine, AirTran's in-flight magazine. We are doing a story on best business golf courses in business hubs, and we're including Edgewood Golf Course in Milwaukee in our story. I see on Flickr that you have taken a number of great photos of the course. Can you grant me permission to run one of them and send me the high res? Please let me know asap, I am on deadline.  ...more
Wow, Karen, don't know how I missed this news. That is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations, ...more

My First Impressions of the Apple iPhone 4s

My first impression?  love.  oh yes.  Steve, thank you so much for this final gift to us. i'm sure there are more of your ideas being worked on at Apple, but let me say this about Siri, amazing.  She doesn't think I am appropriate asking her how old she is.  haha!    ...more
@HomeRearedChef thanks Virginia, I am really liking it :)more

Grandma needs help with toddler...Advice please?

Grandson number one is 17 months old.  His baby brother was born Friday a week ago.  He's having some issues becoming the big brother, for the most part, he is wonderful, but I can see the confusion and the toll that adjusting is taking on him....more
It could be the start of the terrible twos, for sure. The kids in my crew start getting more ...more