Lessons Learned Making My First Fairy Garden

My first fairy garden was so much fun to put together. I did learn some things that I want to share, to make it easier for you when you start your fairy own garden....more
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Creating A Fairy Garden: Play For Grownups!

So you thinking about making a fairy garden? Do it! You're going to have so much fun. I was inspired to build a fairy garden after reading an idea from reading a fellow blogger's post on Fairy doors. That reminded me that I needed a Gnome door for my poor gnomes so they can get out of this horrid cold at night. At least until summer gets here. But hey, they deserve a place to chill at night, right? Thenceforth came the Fairy Garden Idea. ...more
@katiect When I bring them inside in the fall, I'm going to set up villages in my houseplants. I ...more

Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Pizza

Today was a little disappointing. My parents were supposed to be visiting for a long weekend, but the weather is awful in Philly, and the flights were canceled. Both hubby and I are sitting around with long faces, which I knew we would be. So I prepared him the most awesome pizza ever.Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese PizzaPreheat the oven to 425 degrees F...more
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Tuesday's To Do's

My parents are coming Thursday! I'm so excited to get to spend some time with Mom and Don (my stepdad of 35 years). But I've got a ton of stuff to get ready before they get here. Of course, all I've been doing is cruising around on the net today. But I did jump up and get a start on things I need to do. So here we go ...more
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Dear Angelina: Did Myriad Pay You?

You think she is all about sacrifice and helping others? Are you on the rah rah Angelina is such a hero train? Because let me tell you, she's not a hero in my book. People are saying "She faced cancer head on". What cancer? She faced the possibility of cancer, as do the rest of us....more
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Create Your Stock Photo Portfolio

Listen, nowadays we all have a camera with us almost all of the time. Whether you are working, playing, or just sitting around, your phone is usually in your hand or pocket, right? So why are you going to stock photos for your blogs? The time that it takes to search for the appropriate photo for your post could be used searching for your own image that tells the story. You can do it!...more
@Valerie A I totally agree with you, seeing things with new eyes! Adding your own photo to your ...more

Heartache, Cancer, Life and Grieving: Through Facebook

One of my friends has cancer. The bad cancer, not the easy cancer I had. Here are her words from Facebook last September:1st appt with oncologist kind of threw me for a loop but I'm still going to fight. The cancer I have is NOT curable and maybe not even controllable but we are going to try like hell to get me a few years, hopefully the 20 yrs I want but thats a pipe dream right now but one I am going to hang onto....more
@KarenLynnn May be a good idea to hear what others who feel like have to say to you about this .more

I Took The April Squat Challenge!

I wasn't exactly sure when I started the squat challenge, so I went back to look, back through all the comments on the Facebook April Squat Challenge page. My first comment was on April 8, so I guess I started with 80 squats. I'm sure I broke it up 10, 5, 10, etc… because there was no way I could have done 80 in a row. Heck, now at 250, my max is 40 in a row. Today I counted the last 20 backwards, that shook things up a little. HA!My first comment April 8th:  I'm only at 50... had to work up to that! ...more
@elaineR.N. May's challenge is planks Elaine. We are at 4 minutes already (yikes). Squats are ...more

Adoption Story: I Met My Kid's Sister!

My children met their half sister about a year ago. I have long dreamed of the day, although it hasn't been as present in my mind lately, because she and I have become Facebook friends. And that seemed enough, just some contact with her. My daughter had found Tara on Facebook and made contact a few years ago and once that happened, I shot her a friend request. Because I have thought about her a bunch. When the kids were growing up, I daydreamed of the day we would meet her....more
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On Being Discovered By Getty Images

Exciting things are happening all around me!...more
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