Sugar Improves With Age, Right?

Last night, once the girls were in bed, I pulled out the plastic Easter eggs I had thriftily saved from last year (a first!) so I could fill them with jelly beans and hide them around the living room. ...more

Animal House

As mentioned here before, I am not a pet person. I certainly don't hate animals, but I don't feel any special connection with them, either. Over the years I have, of course, received periodic requests to lift the no-pets rule in this house, and the answer has always been NO.NO PETS ....more

Baby, You're As Cold As Ice

I know, I know, this recent cold snap has been disturbing for everyone, but don't worry - I've fixed it. ...more

The Cookie Master

You know what's a good day? When you finally remember to DO something about the mold growing on the ceiling above the tub, instead of just forgetting about it until the next time you take a shower. It wasn't hard, either - I just spritzed some Tilex mold and mildew remover on the spots, hit all the grout on the tub walls while I was at it, scrubbed the walls with a toothbrush ( not mine) for 12 minutes, rinsed it off, and then fetched David (tallest person present) to wipe down the ceiling ....more

The Plague, Revisited

New illness rampaging through our household - some high fever/headache thing that has been going around. Ran out of kids ibuprofen, went to the store to get that and a few other items, and came home with (can you guess?) everything BUT the medicine we needed. Kept falling asleep at random points throughout the day, but managed (with the kids' help) to bake a birthday cake for Brian (14! ...more

Feeling Foolish

Okay, I am done sulking about April Fools Day. Until next year, that is...On our plates for this weekend? One Civil Air Patrol convention, one Girl Scout "campout" at a museum, one First Communion "retreat" (all 3 hours of it), yoga class, and a 5K walk for MS (not so much for philanthropic reasons as for the purpose of keeping a friend company) ....more

Prank Haters Anonymous

I would like to thank all the people who chose NOT to play a "joke" on someone this April Fools Day. The word joke is in quotes because I personally consider a joke to be something that makes the teller and the tellee both laugh, not something that makes the teller/doer laugh and makes the other person feel stupid or even cry.Crying is not funny, people.I know, I know, I am the lone voice crying in the wilderness here. Everyone LOVES this day, and I must have some deep-seated insecurities that make me despise being pranked ....more

Basic Training

Friday I went to my first physical therapy appointment, where I learned that the muscles in my left leg and hip are much weaker than those on my right and that my left calf muscle looks, to quote my physical therapist Nola, "atrophied."Atrophied - as if I weren't even using it. ...more

Officially Decrepit

I went to the doctor today, in search of a physical therapy referral to help with my sciatica.Gosh, I wouldn't blame anyone if they stop reading right there. So! What I thought would take 15 minutes took an hour, what with their insisting on weighing me (I don't want to talk about it) and taking my blood pressure (which I made them do twice, because I didn't like the first numbers) and the doctor's ordering x-rays of my back and hips before she would put in the referral ....more

Showering Like It's 1899

On Friday, our water heater up and quit. ...more