Roasted Pepper and Tomato Pasta with Sausage

Since becoming a mum and trying to coordinate an adult dinner with a baby bedtime that inevitably coincide, I have really embraced the technique of roasting. Not only does it create wonderful concentrated flavors, but it is easy to leave someone else in charge. (Try a few salmon fillets, some asparagus and some quartered red potatoes, a bit of timing finesse and you can do it all on one tray.) This pasta sauce recipe is made almost entirely in the oven ahead of time and designed to reheat when you cook the pasta ....more

Grilled Whole Trout with Cilantro & Lime

Unlike many grilled fish filet recipes this whole trout is less likely to stick to your grate or dry out because it is intact. Plus, the presentation is spectacular. While wonderful with cilantro, lime and scallions please consider this recipe merely a guideline and a beginning to heaps of other aromatic combinations ....more

Roasted Vegetable Chicken Soup

It’s spring already but cold season isn’t over yet so try using a bowl of this hearty and restorative chicken soup flavoured with the richness of roasted vegetables to combat those nagging germs. You can easily modify it to suit your tastes and whatever vegetables you have on hand as almost nothing is the worse for roasting. Why not try fennel or tomatoes and omit the garlic for a variation? ...more

Linguine with Spinach, Chèvre and Ground Chicken

Another weeknight pasta recipe for your arsenal, rather than spaghetti with beef and tomatoes try this linguine with ground chicken and goat cheese. Plus, if you are anything like me you can count this the entire meal as with all that spinach who needs a salad – am I right? ...more

Orange Sweet Potatoes and Kale

I keep hearing that the kale trend is over but as I have never actually been hip you can rest assured that you will continue to see lots of kale recipes in the future. You just can’t go wrong with it’s bitterness and texture when cooked. This kale and sweet potato recipe is quite sugary especially with the addition of balsamic and orange juice, so keep that in mind when you pair it with a main course ....more

Slow Cooked Chicken Ragu

As a favorite recipe in our house a real Italian bolognese sauce gets made often and when it does, it gets made in bulk to be eaten for future meals. This twisted bolognese uses the same principles but is done instead with chicken leg meat, white wine and no tomatoes. That said, nothing wrong with making a little extra for your freezer ....more

Red Wine and Fennel Shepards Pie

This recipe is a variation on Shepard’s pie with more grown up flavors. Fennel and tomatoes are swapped for peas, sweet potatoes warm up the mashed potatoes and added spices and red wine will remind you of southern France. Given this reheats well and makes excellent leftovers – why not make lots? ...more

Smoky Cauliflower Cheddar Chowder

For a hearty vegetarian soup nothing beats a good chowder thickened with potatoes. This version is primarily cauliflower but is enhanced by hot smoked paprika and smoked cheddar for something a bit different ....more

Aromatic Coconut and Chicken Soup Recipe

Though exotic sounding, this Southeast Asian soup recipe is actually well disguised roast chicken leftovers. If you have a poultry carcass you can use it to make the stock you need or of course you can use bought stock and cook the chicken up as you cook the soup. Tip: The soup is scented with lemongrass and lime leaves ....more

Curried Crockpot Sweet Potatoes

We eat a lot of root vegetables this time of year: parsnips, yams, beets, turnips… Usually I roast them with a bit of honey and rosemary, but for something a bit different try this recipe for potatoes and sweet potatoes cooked with Indian spices in the crockpot. Because of the variation of heat in the slow cooker and the lack of stirring, you will end up with a nice medley of textures and a side dish that is ready when you are. If you have it, add some fresh cilantro or scallion at the end for brightness ....more