Get a Manicure & Help Kids with Juvenile Arthritis! {And an Update on our Fundraising!}

Hello hello! Happy Saturday! I have a super awesome FUN way to help us in finding a CURE for Juvenile Arthritis AND have pretty nails That’s in just a bit…first an update on our fundraiser! ...more

Literacy Starts With Language: 20 Tips for Creating a Language Rich Environment for Your Toddler {I Can Teach My Child}

Did you know that a child’s language skills are a strong predictor of later literacy skills? Children with strong language skills in the preschool and early elementary years tend to have stronger literacy skills later on. Literacy development is so much more than the ABC’s: Literacy starts with language! ...more

Help Us Find A Cure for Juvenile Arthritis {and score $125 of Materials for $20!}

If you are a long time reader, you probably already know that my daughter E suffers from an auto immune disorder called Juvenile Arthritis, or JA. She was diagnosed at the ripe old age of two, just after her birthday. (You can read her whole story HERE) ....more

Open Letter From a Small Child: Please Respect Me

Dear Therapists, Doctors, and all the “Big People” in my life, I am but a small child who has been here just a short time. I am watching, listening, and learning about my world. I learn from all of you ....more

Assessing Language Skills of Verbal Children with Down Syndrome

Today’s post is intended for my fellow speech-pathologists. I am so excited to have Tatyana from Smart Speech Therapy, LLC with us today. She always blows me away with her thorough and informative posts on her blog and her...more

Jumping Into Good Speech: Hopscotch for Home Speech Practice

Welcome to my new series on home speech practice! One of the most important aspects of speech therapy is...more