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Bossy, Bitch, C*nt, Oh My! A Look at Women’s Wars on Words

Women's war of words has been brewing for decades. The recent bossy debate really brings attention to how the sticks and stones might not be the only thing hurting women....more

Disney Princesses say, "I don't need a man,"

On This Valentine’s Day: Admit Your Affair (with the Wage Gap)

www.TheFeministBride.comOn this Valentine’s Day with great signs of affection, red roses and confectionary delights, ...more

Jesus Recruits Sarah Silverman to Spread his Word on Abortion

Not motivated to plan a wedding?

www.TheFeministBride.comA Feminist Bride reader asks: "Looking for advice for a feminist bride that doesn't want to plan a wedding but her fiance wants the's important to him..."...more

Wedding Planning: Motivating the Mister

Are Diamond Engagement Rings Worth It?

www.TheFeministBride.comEver stop to think about whether or not to say yes to that diamond engagement ring? I'm not talking about saying yes or no to the person doing the asking, I'm talking about the actual diamond ring! We put so much emphasis on the rock that sparks the start of two people's lifetime commitment to each other - carat, cost, clarity and cut, that have we really stopped to think about if it's an icon worthy of representing our love for another?...more

Wedding Invitation Name Etiquette

www.TheFeministBride.comI adore the New York Times and I love me a good party, but even more so I am pedantic about honoring people’s surnames. So I was particularly dismayed when Phillip Galanes answered in a NYT’s Social Q’s column to a C. Z., San Francisco that they should by no means be concerned about their spouses poor invitation etiquette, “Your neighbors will be far happier to be invited than distraught by Hubby’s inability to spell Frances. (Or is it Francis?)” Galanes idea of invitation etiquette is probably the worst advice two people planning a wedding and writing their invitations could possibly follow.  Galanes probably has no clue what problems he is contributing to in his response....more