Shotguns Optional at Shotgun Weddings

Pet Names Are for Pets

www.TheFeministBride.comIf I have one consistent shortcoming, it is that I am horrible at names. At a party, I am that personwho greets most everyone with a “Heyyy…youuuu.” I can tell you what you were wearing, talking about and drinking, but I can’t tell you what the hell your mom wrote in your underwear. It’s a terrible habit, but sometimes it’s not my fault.I recently spent four hours with our new upstairs neighbors, a couple straight out of college. During the evening, the boyfriend refused to let go of his girlfriend’s hand and when he spoke to her, he had to rub this entwined finger mass up and down her leg like a pet. Now, the affectionate Siamese-twin act isn’t even my real problem; the real problem is that after four hours I still didn’t know the girlfriend’s name....more

The Ongoing Debate of Prop 8: Gay Marriage Approved by Judge…Again  California resubmitted its gazillionth ruling on Prop 8 today, August 4, 2010. Like the longest tennis...more

The Financial Crutch of Believing in Real Life Cinderellas

 A Real Lesson from a ‘Real Housewife’OK! Magazine, Source: Photo Source: Melanie WesslockMy cable box decided to die this week, which meant that I missed many of my beloved trash-tastic reality shows. After two hours with the cable guy this morning, I was reunited with all the trims and fixings of On Demand (now in HD!) and sat down to catch up on all the drama I had missed.My first TV show to tackle was Bethenny Getting Married? If you’re not familiar, Bethenny Frankel (from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of NYC) and her show document the ordeals of planning a wedding as a second-time bride, a busy businesswoman and a mother-to-be. As her belly grows, so does the drama; and with that she takes to her therapist’s couch occasionally to share insight into her overly ambitious and Type A nature. Now, most reality shows focus on money, vanity and silly catfights, but on Bethenny Getting Married? she touches upon some important Feminist Bride themes while pouring her heart and history out to the doc....more

Is It Acceptable for a Woman to Propose to a Guy? VOTE!

www.TheFeministBride.comIs It Acceptable for a Woman to Propose to a Guy? VOTE!

Battle of the Bridesmaids ...more

Judd Apatow Puts on Some Panties

 Having turned 18 at the birth of the Sex and the City era, college and adulthood came at atime when sexual expression and alcohol could be worn like Girl Scout badges, proudly and with accomplishment. It was the best of times (that I could remember) and the worst of times (that were gladly hazy). The graduates of the millennium celebrated leaving the sophomoric comedy ofAmerican Pie and blissfully embraced the gratuitous ass shots of Will Ferrell. And just as quickly as we got on “double-secret-probation” in college,” we just as quickly matriculated from it. Now working stiffs and pissed off about having $160,000 in college debt, Judd Apatow appeared to ease our pain with raunchy and outrageous humor....more

Marriage: Keeping it in the Family

  February 23, 1903, the day after John Fox and Jessie Tuttle's wedding day After consummating...more