Karen Bojar

I recently retired as professor of Women's Studies at Community College of Philadelphia. I've published articles/books on education and feminism including: Teaching Feminist Activism, co-edited with Nancy Naples, Routledge; “Service Learning and Activism,” in Gender and Higher Education, Praeger. I've also had a long career as a feminist activist, most recently as President of Philadelphia NOW. I am currently writing a history of second wave feminism in Philadelphia. and a blog on women and retirement at www.the-next-stage.com

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Finally, I have daffodils!

February Gold February Gold arrived in April this year but finally arrived! The early daffodils are all blooming and my old reliable Ice Follies are popping up all over the garden. Ice Follies is the toughest, most long lasting daffodil variety I’ve come across and one of the least expensive as well ....more


Finally the debris has been removed from my garden.

My English Laurel crushed by tree limbsFinally the debris has been removed from my garden. This winter’s storm left fallen tree limbs all over my garden. I had to wait until most of the snow was gone before I could get the debris cleared out ....more

Finally, the snow has disappeared from my Mt. Airy garden.

Finally, the snow has disappeared from my Mt. Airy garden. They call it Mount ....more

When doing background

When doing background reading for Feminism in Philadelphia I think I read and re-read just about everything in print about second wave feminism--a lot of repetition and duplication, but also some unexamined areas, many untold stories. These are some books I hope somebody writes:1) The role of Republican women in second wave feminism. Feminism in Philadelphia contains a chapter on Ernesta Ballard, founder of Philadelphia NOW, in some ways an atypical NOW member--wealthy, Republican, Wasp elite background, but a passionately committed feminist ....more

Last night was our final and most successful committeeperson workshop.

Last night was our final and most successful committeeperson workshop.There were folks there from neighborhoods all around the city. City Commissioner Stephanie Singer and Deputy City Commissioner Tracey Gordon once again conducted a lively, very well-received workshop. Commissioner Singer actually manages to make arcane topics like the ways to avoid a petition challenge really interesting ....more

Fran Gilmore's Spiritual Journey to India

I returned a few days ago from a month-long trip to India, a pilgrimage really, and I'm just emerging from the cave of jet lag. It's very hard to put into words what this experience was like--it was spiritual and deep. We stayed at an ashram, our leader Russill Paul we have known for many years, as a great musician, scholar and teacher ....more

Just came back from a long day at PA State Committee Meeting

At least from my perspective—as just an ordinary state committee delegate—on Friday there seemed to be very little tension. The general feeling seemed to be that the first tier candidates were all strong and could all beat Corbett.That mood changed on Saturday. Some delegates—mostly supporters of candidates unlikely to be the top vote-getter at state committee-- argued for an open primary on the grounds that with seven candidates in the race it was highly unlikely that any one could get the 2/3 margin necessary for endorsement ....more

Helpful information about running for Committeeperson

When NOW/ CLUW decided to hold workshops to run for Committeeperson, our goal was to get people to run in those divisions where there was no engaged committeeperson. Some divisions have committeepeople going door-to-door, making sure the voters in their divisions know that an election is coming up and have the information they needed to cast an informed vote. But unfortunately many divisions in neighborhoods around the city do not have committeepeople who provide this essential service ....more

One of the

One of the best things about book discussions/ readings about Feminism in Philadelphia: The Glory Years, 1968-1982 is meeting some of the women who were featured in the book. Recently at event at I met Sharon Wallis, a key figure in 1970’s feminist movement in Philadelphia and at a reading at the Cosmopolitan club I met Philadelphia NOW’s first treasurer pat Corboy. She said she really regretted not having played a great role in Philadelphia NOW but that she was struggling to establish her career in finance—a field with very few women in senior level positions ....more