I am a single mom of two beautiful teen daughters, 12 and 16.

Single Mom Tax Season Time Savers

When you are a child the month of April is all about the beautiful rain showers in anticipation of sprouting flowers. As an adult this month means tax filings and financial belt tightening. For single moms it can be stressful getting organized for your accountant and a nail biter anticipating whether you’ll be receiving or writing a check to Mr. I.R.S. To help ease the season I’ve come up with a few tips to allay the angst. ...more

Celebrating Single Parenthood

Being a single parent definitely has it's inherent challenges. There is also great joy and satisfaction. Plus today is a special day set aside just for us. March 21 is National Single Parents Day. So, for all the mom's and dad's out there that are making strides to raise great kids in single parent households here are 5 good reasons to celebrate!1. You don’t have to compromise rules...more

No Stress Spring Break for Single Moms

Spring Break is days away and if you don’t have a family trip planned the sights and sounds in your household are going to be reminiscent of summer. "Mom what are we doing? Then what? and then?!! You know what I'm talking about. As a busy single mom you are going to need to find ways to keep young ones occupied for a solid 10 days.  Here are a few tips for fun daylong activities....more

Why Obamcare gets an “F” from this Single Mom

Watching Covered California Unfold...more

I Did – But Now I Don’t - Mr. Valentines

It's that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day. It is the most treacherous season for single moms. It seems that no matter where you turn, everything has shifted into a heart-like shape. (Have you seen the recent commercial where even the camera lens has morphed into a heart?!) ...more

Single Moms Valentines is a Stupid Cupid Holiday Anyway!

      At the start of my single mommyhood, February 14th  was that dreaded day when I felt like an absolute less than. I was the loser, with my pint-sized mini-me's, in tow, walking the world with the proverbial forefinger and thumb “L” tattooed on my forehead. The truth is even when I was a happily married mom, (well maybe not so happily at the end), but married nonetheless, Valentines Day was one of my least favorite holidays. It always seemed so forced and contrived.  ...more

One Easy fix to Make Your NY Resolution Stick

Did you know that one of the top five New Years resolutions, year after year, is staying fit and healthy. We commit to the mantra time and time again. Yet, within the first week, twenty-five of us break the resolution. By month six, half of us will have completely given up. But, there is a way to mitigate the disengagement. Mixing up your fitness routine and choosing good for your body, inside and out, choices can help you beat your brain, play your game smarter, and stay in peak condition....more

5 Things Your Divorce Lawyer Isn't Telling You

Did you know that January is the month when most couples file for divorce? If you find yourself heading down this path, or thinking about the possibility of ending your marriage, I want to share five details of divorce that I wished someone would have shared with me. They are the things your lawyer might not tell you, but could have a huge impact on your financial future.  Image: banjo d via Flickr ...more
It is expensive regardless of how much or little the two of you own; however, remember that ...more

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Single Moms - Free gifts for you

Single moms work, day-in and day-out, to support your children’s health and well-being. This Christmas I would like to invite you to treat yourself to some much needed self-care and pampering with a self-gift. Self-gifting is not a new concept. In fact, researchers suggest this holiday season self-gifters will spend an average of $120.00 on themselves. In order to help you choose the perfect self-treat, I found the most unique, pamper-me, oh-so-fun for single moms, top 10 gifts of 2013, all under $120.00. ...more

5 Great Getaways for Moms + Win a FREE Family Vacation

Here's an Atta Girl Send-up to all you moms who kept your kids happily occupied the entire summer.  It is a job organizing and executing the amusement park expeditions, swimming pool parties, play dates, and camp after camp drop-off's and pick-up's. Now, take a deep breath, school is back in session, and your children are busy. It's your turn for a respite. The weather is still warm enough, to treat you and your mommy gal pals, to your own brand of active 'summer camp' getaway. Here are a few of my favorite, rough and tumble with a touch of luxury, escapes....more