Farm to Market 2014: Foodways Texas Symposium

[Welcome Dinner at The Veranda in College Station, Texas] I spent the last several days at the Foodways Texas Symposium which was held this year in College Station. Driving back to Dallas by way of Mexia on Sunday morning, I had an opportunity to think about my time at the to continue Farm to Market 2014: Foodways Texas Symposium ...more

Heirloom Beans

Once I started looking at heirloom beans, I couldn’t stop. Thankfully, unlike jewels, this is a fairly modest addiction. And the interesting thing is that now that I have acquired all of these beautiful beans, I don’t even want to eat them ....more

Cowboy Beans

There is a long tradition of cowboy beans in Texas. Pinto beans hold a special place in Texas history and culture. The word “pinto” translates in Spanish to painted and describes the lovely mottled skin of the bean ....more

How to Boil Water: Bear Cooking School…a cub scout den meeting

Cooking is part of being a parent. Oddly, teaching kids how to cook rarely is. Sometimes a kid shows innate interest ....more

Cajun Spice Mix…great for black bean soup

I enjoy spices. In another life, which would involve a certainty of more taxes, red tape, leases and the not entirely remote possibility of bankruptcy…as these brick and mortar things often do, I will own a spice shop. So it is a short lived fantasy that ends in despair but the shelves will be to continue Cajun Spice Mix…great for black bean soup ...more

Another Green Drink

I’m not prone to massive shifts in habits. Do not worry that I’ve gone vegan on you. As long as there are smoked briskets or cheddar fries with bacon in the world, that is somewhat unlikely ....more

Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa

My version of healthy eating is a bit twisted. Moderation and I are not the best of friends. So, when I need a spell of healthy eating, there have to be a few treasures in the mix, like goat cheese and dried cherries ....more

South Carolina Quail Hunt 2014

A new hunting lodge can never hold a candle to an old house that has been walked through by generations of people who love it. A 103 year old hunting lodge holds laughter in the wood and stories in the air. When you go back to the same place over the course of a to continue South Carolina Quail Hunt 2014 ...more

Of Mountains and Marmalade

If there is a stove, and if there is a washing machine, I am not truly on vacation. I’m merely doing my thing somewhere else. Yet, getting out of your day-to-day environment gives you perspective ....more

Zipper Cream Peas and Wilted Kale

These are Zipper Cream Peas, a variety of field pea or cowpeas, so called because they were traditionally fed only to the cows. But the cows were laughing all the way to the bank, I suspect. Because they are wonderful ....more