Kelly Peacock Wright

An avid writer, photographer, and cook, I have three grown boys and a wonderful husband -- all who have been willing participants in my kitchen experiments over the years.  A retired educator, I now enjoy writing two blogs -- Sass & Veracity which is focused on all things food, and Kellementology, where I focus on writing.

Food Blogging: Ten Things I've Learned in Five Years

It's challenging for me to remember exactly when I wrote my first post five years ago, but I'm fairly certain it was sometime late this month. If web years are anything like that of dog years, then that is quite a good length of time. I searched the archives but knew before I began that I'd long ago deleted the first few posts because they were only worthy of being the best examples of aimless wandering. I was testing the water, wondering what might come from a seemingly simple decision to write about food....more
I think we all struggle a little with not wanting more traffic and/or followers!more