Kelsey B

You don't have to give up being a foodie just because you are a parent or have limited time in the kitchen. In 2007 I had a baby and decided not to return to work after maternity leave. One of the first lessons I learned about parenthood is that the best (or only) time to cook and bake is during the child's precious afternoon naptime. Join me as I share my triumphs and challenges in the kitchen, provide practical solutions for family cooking without compromising taste, and fit it all in to a two hour window each day!

5 Great iPad Apps for Parents

Lately, perhaps more than ever, I have been really appreciating my iPad. In the past I’ve had a lot of fun playing with cooking apps and using it for email, but these days it has become a lifeline. I am on it day and night, not only for email, but to keep up with the outside world, order baby products, and pretty much organize my whole life.  Here are of the few the apps I’ve been relying on the this ...more

Food for New Parents

Earlier this month we were having a lot of discussions on Facebook about food I was making and freezing in preparation for baby’s arrival. I also shared how I prepared my pantry for the next month when I won’t have the flexibility to dash to the grocery store like I usually do. Since I am now on the other side of all this I thought I’d share how things are going, what we are eating, and what people are bringing ....more

What to Watch With Your Kids: Olive Us

I always struggle with the proper balance of screen time for my preschooler. My husband and I generally lean toward keeping her exposure fairly limited. Like most things with kids, we think (hope) that if it comes in measured amounts it will be constructive in all the right ways. For example, she is obsessed with the iPad. So, when we let her play with it we make sure she gets engaged with an age-appropriate learning game ....more

Last Gasp Classic Popovers


Preparing My Winter Pantry