Posting frequency

I'm feeling frustrated because I'm super busy, and it's affecting my blog.I can't seem to stay up with the posting. I went from several times a week to *maybe* once a week. And I've seen the drop in visitors.So my question is, how often do you post, and how often would you like to post?(and maybe "Do you have any tips for posting more frequently?" )(and also maybe "Does anyone know where I can get some real Mexican food in the Northwoods?? Because Taco Bell is not cutting it.)(yeah, I know ^ irrelevant. Sorry. Easily distracted)...more

i used to drop off for a month at a time, now I post every day, at the least in the past year I ...more

What are you reading in February?

I had a really good reading month in January. A really, really good reading month. Part of it was because I had seven (yes, seven) books to read for Cybils judging. I also read six other books, most of them non-fiction. It was a really great month for reading and I'm hoping to replicate it again this month. ...more

I finished The Black Tower by Louis Bayard earlier this month, I'm currently reading Lily Dale ...more

Introduce Yourself and Your Blog (s)

Welcome to the Plus Size Bloggers forum. Please use this thread to introduce yourself and tell us about your blog. Don't forget to leave a link so we can visit and leave a comment. :)   *** I have a number of blogs but the main two are my personal blog called biggirlblue which I think I've had for four years and a plus size shopping blog based on my favorite things that i've had for three years this summer.   Cheers! Moe ...more

My name is Jenny Kerr, I have had several blogs over the years which I recently consolidated ...more

Most recent awesome vintage find?

Hey guys!  I'm new around here.  This is something that I like to share on my blog  My most recent amazing vintage find was a mouse and cheese salt and pepper shaker.  What have you found recently that has made you do a little victory dance?...more