Kimberly Hosey

I'm a writer, editor, reporter, photographer, explorer, hiker, parent, wife, bug lover, critter collector, and bird dropping receptacle. Sometimes all in the same day.


I live in the Arizona desert. I blog at Arizona Writer, where I cover parenting, nature, travel, and somes political issues. It's an interesting combination. Basically, I chronicle my son's growing up (and my own) in our lively corner of the world, through writing and pictures. Also, I really like spiders.

Your Kid Isn't Special, My Kid Isn't Special and Those "Psychic Kids" Aren't Special Either

Someone sent me a link to the (no longer airing) television show Psychic Kids the other day. My son, the person contends, might be like these kids. Not socially maladjusted, probably, and not with these abilities, but he's got a special something. He's not like most kids. Check this show out. I'd never watched it. I had a feeling it would just rile me up, and I was right. I felt dirty watching it. It really seems to border on child abuse. These smart, sensitive, fascinating kids were getting all the wrong messages; their parents were getting all the wrong messages; and no one was being helped. The kids want validation, guidance, understanding; and they can't get it except through exploitation and fakery....more
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