Kimberly Knight

About Kimberly Knight

Lesbian yes, but not some caricature of a nonexistent, monolithic lifestyle – I am a mamma, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a writer - imago dei. Kimberly is a self-avowed church nerd with nearly 20 years experience in a wide range of technology settings + an M.Div from Candler School of Theology. She has a long history of back-pew sitting, Wednesday night supper eating and generally trying God’s patience since 1969.

She leads “social media for ministry” intensives around the country, helping faith leaders explore authentic ways to enrich, engage and expand progressive communities in the 21st century.  Kimberly serves as the Digital Strategist for a women's college in the Atlanta area. 
She is the former pastor of Koinonia Church, an online church in Second Life and is now the proud proprietor of The Holy Heretic, a thinking person’s tavern also found in Second Life.

Not that kind of Christian

In case you weren’t sure, I’m a Christian.  But wait, I’m notthat kind of Christian. I’ve felt it and said it dozens of times. Have you? You know, when someone finds out you are a Christian and you feel like you must clarify, or worse, apologize? We see the pictures on Facebook. We read the stories on HuffPost. We watch the videos on YouTube. We hear the stories of people hurt deeply. ...more