Kim Humes

" A rolling stone gathers no moss" is the perfect metaphor for my life and personality.

Exploring is one of my favourite things to do and I am always doing it. I try to experience and absorb new things as often as I can - which could be anything from restaurants and shops, events and attractions, things to read, listen to, watch or wear, career and hobbies, trends, things that I make (or attempt to make) - anything that I discover and find interesting and think others may find interesting too.

Quite simply this is a blog about exploration. I hope my explorations encourage you to go out and have your own, or at least give you something enjoyable to read.

Radio Two


Liberal Arts

 The Atlantic Film Festival just wrapped up my fair city, and alas I only had the time and money to make it out to one film. Luckily it turned out to be a good choice....more


I was perusing a gift shop in North Conway, NH back at the beginning of August, and as I am often wont to do I wandered into the book section, intrigued by the variety of titles......more

Falling in Love

 One of the things I hate about Nova Scotia weather is the seasons always seem to change so abruptly. One minute it's 30 degrees and hot and sunny, and the next you are wearing 4 layers just to go to sleep in your tent Labour Day weekend (this is not hypothetical - this was my LD weekend). ...more

Beer Gut


Department of Gossip

 Yay for new discoveries! That is what this blog is all about, after all. It just so happens that I made two great discoveries this week (and it's only Wednesday - HOLLA!), as follows: 1) Vitamin water and vodka go really well together 2) I am a big fan of LaineyGossip Read the rest of the entry here... ...more

Road Trip


Cookie Monster

 Ok, so who does NOT love Sesame Street?! Anyone? Nope, didn't think so. Yes, I am an adult and I don't even have kids, but it doesn't mean I can't love kids shows. I love that a show that I watched as a kid is still going strong and providing great entertainment for kids even today. And they have definitely done a good job of 'keeping up with the times' by featuring fun vids with popular celebrities interacting with muppets, and getting involved with social media. ...more
You totally warned!  I had the song, "Baked a cake" stuck in my head from Sesame Street all day ...more

Sailor's Life


Hidden Gems: Halifax Urban Greenway

 Check out my past Hidden Gems posts here and here.   *All photos in this post by me* Since the weather has become sunnier and warmer, I have been making an effort to get outside on my lunch break to go for a walk, or even just sit and read a book. The shot of fresh air and sunshine is a great midday pick-me-up (essential for good mental health, imho)! ...more