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Sno-Zen Shaved Snow & Dessert Cafe

On my last few visits to the Bay Area, I tried on several attempts to visit Sno-Zen, a snow shaved ice spot that has become very popular. Several friends have told me how much they liked it and I definitely wanted to check it out, but for some reason they were always closed when I went. Finally, on my most recent trip home, I was able to check it out ....more

Microwave Nutella Cookie

This easy Nutella cookie cooks in under one minute. It’s soft and cakey and full of chocolate and Nutella flavor. I needed this cookie today ....more

5-Minute Mug Cakes Book Preview

It’s less than two months until my first book comes out and I’m excited to finally share a little more about the book, reveal a few preview photos, and offer signed bookplates for pre-orders. Signed Bookplates for Pre-orders If you plan on purchasing the book, a great way is to pre-order it. It’s currently available for pre-order at most of the big online merchants (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, Indigo, Bookish) ....more

Sriracha Chinese Cucumber Salad

This cold and refreshing cucumber salad is easy to prep and ready in minutes. One of my favorite ways to eat cucumbers is Chinese-style cucumber salad. Crisp cucumber pieces are seasoned with just a few simple spices to create a crunchy and flavorful dish ....more

TJ Oyster Bar -The Seafood Place

We’ve been craving the smoked tuna fries from TJ Oyster Bar 2 ever since our first visit last month, so we made our way back. This time we went with friends, letting us a try a greater variety of items. Horchata My friend started out with a refreshing glass of horchata ....more

Mango Mousse Tart

This summer tart is light and not overly sweet. It’s topped with fresh sweet mango slices and makes a beautiful dessert centerpiece. As you may recall, after my mango coconut tart post, I’ve been wanting to try again with the mango slice arrangement ....more


Recently, we had dinner at Romesco with a few close friends. We’ve been wanting to return for awhile, having had such a good first impression earlier this year. This second time around, the meal was just as pleasurable Tamarind Martini We loved this drink the first time and had to order it again ....more

Getting Fit For Summer

Now that summer is here, Mr. P has finally been inspired to do some exercise. His motivation comes and goes and I find myself needing to push him to keep going ....more

July 4th Recipe Round-Up

I’m so excited for the upcoming long weekend! Like many others, we’ll be celebrating with a summer BBQ, so I’ve done a round-up of July 4th themed desserts and drinks and BBQ/summer related recipes from the blog if you’re still looking for ideas. Appetizers/Side Dishes Avocado Ranch Dip Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries BLT Guacamole Chipotle Parmesan Corn Individual Seven Layer Dip Cups Individual Spinach Bowl Dips Red Lobster Copycat Cheddar Bay Biscuits Sriracha Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings ...more

Richard Walker’s Pancake House

Richard Walker’s Pancake House recently opened a second location in the heart of La Jolla. I was recently invited to dine at the new location. I’ve passed by the original downtown location many times and it always seems to have an endless line of tourists ....more