Mona Concpecion

I am from the small Pacific island of Saipan and now live in Seattle. I'm a mom, blogger and stand-up comic.

Something that would surprise you about me: I was the 1,000th blogger to use the original Blogger in 1999, long before Blogspot and Google.  I also graduated with a senior class of SEVEN people.  And four of us were salutatorians.  Still not sure about that one.

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I want that metabolism

My son TJ, who has never missed a meal. Your browser does not support the video tag ...more

A very happy birthday

My TJ turned four this weekend. We kept the celebration very simple with swimming at an indoor waterpark then heading back home for cake. I really lucked out with this kid ....more

goodbye wisdom teeth

Last week, my face exploded. I had been feeling my wisdom tooth coming in which I thought I could put off forever, like most things that bother me as an adult, I figure if I just ignore it, it will hop onto the shelf of other tasks I’ll put off until later like cutting my bangs or seeing if I can get a company discount on my cell phone bill. Then I woke up and my face looked like this ....more

Dis/Orient/ed Comedy at the Parlor Live! Now with Discount!

Hey gang, I’m performing in and co-producing this Seattle stop of the Dis/Orient/ed Comedy tour on Sunday, March 16! If you use the code “WELOVEMONA” you can get tickets for only $15 (regularly $25). Buy tickets here ....more

Family, Zumba, butt stuff

1. In this week’s issue of OLD LADY MO, I hurt my tailbone! I fell down the stairs and landed three steps down with so much pain, my kids ran to me, hovering around like vultures asking, “You fell down, Mommy? ...more

Dis/Orient/ed coming to Seattle 3/16!

I’m really excited to perform and also co-produce this show! I had so much fun performing in Portland, I can’t to do it here! Get your tickets at Dis/Orient/ed Comedy and you can get tickets for $18 until 3/10/14 at 11:55 PM ....more

snow day in seattle

It snowed long enough for my boys to open the window and yell like the Lion King chorus: “IT’S SNOOOOOWING!” It doesn’t snow every year which is fine by me. The last snowstorm that hit us left me on a bus for six hours so when Mike announced that we would be driving, in this snow, to somewhere we could put the boys on plastic saucers and send them down a hill, I thought, “Why can’t we just enjoy it from this window? Why do we have to go in it?” But the boys were excited which means all my feelings are negated by those faces, so eager to jump into what so rarely falls in this city and despite all my gripes and whines, (mostly because I have to dress the boys in layers, then layers on top of that and then find the gloves and hats they never use and never put back in the right place all while Mike gets the plastic saucers and says, “I’ll just go warm up the car!”) we went anyway ....more

Awards I Should Have Won Today

1. Best Use of Will Power Despite Bagels: There was so much food at my work and I ate only the good, most healthy parts, like picking the smoked salmon from the top of a cream cheese bagel instead of inhaling the whole carb-goodness monster and the rest of the bagel tray. My office often has catered events like lunches and receptions and sometimes the food ends up in the kitchen where it beckons, “EAT ME, MONA!” But I didn’t do any of that even though I am a grown woman who can buy as many twinkies and burritos as I want, but don’t because I would like to fit into pants that my dry cleaner won’t argue is really a deflated king-size air mattress ....more

What has made me cry: Super Bowl edition

This week has shown me that maybe I don’t have a blackened heart, charred from years of eye-rolling and going, “Pa-shaaaaa! Whatever!” I’ve watched the following Super Bowl commercials and videos that have made me yell in disbelief: “WHY IS THERE WATER IN MY EYES?” I don’t know if I want a Budweiser! Or a puppy! ...more

OPP – other parents parenting

We spent most of Sunday afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I have a long history with CEC because I had my seventh and eighth birthday parties there, back in the early nineties when Chuck wasn’t trying to cool it up for the kids ....more