Kitchen Rose

"Clabber Girl"

   At the age of eleven I improvised a recipe for "Drop biscuits". I remember using Clabber Girl from the pantry not even knowing  this products capability in baking. Till this day my parents speak of it. They loved the biscuits.  Then I became a teenager... wanted nothing to do with cooking.  I have the hilarious memories that  my family reminds me of to prove it. Fast forward to adult life. Married, two children later.  Private culinary $chool. Tough business world I worked. Started out in Research development.To say that my adventure in the Culinary Field did not make a difference in someones life is an understatement. Having a boy with special education needs changed everything. Something had to give and I gave to my son. My choice made all the difference in his life.  Today he has exceeded expectations. Although I am no longer in the corporate world, I continue  influencing by blogging (Food pics), sharing the love for my hungry family,  and little bit of inside industry tips.  Rebelling in the kitchen too!  who doesn't want to come out of the kitchen smelling like a rose?

Cooking Video

  when watching a cooking video does the kitchen create the fantasy? The cook speaking  being judged based on their outfit or the food on the screen? How does watching cooking videos affect your opinion or desire to cook? Sincerely, K Rose ...more

Hubby's Plate (weekly)

Napoleon  and potato chips...more

After 4 days of being ill and not able to cook :( All following posts supersede...

@Darcie Thank you.  appreciate the kind words.   couldn't believe I had the flu.more

Fall wreath hanging on the front door, pumpkins on the porch...

It`s lovely! I think this is the first year I`m not excited about all of the thing I love about ...more

"What do you do all day if you don't work or go to school ?" (in response to a fellow blogger)

 "Stay at home parents"   have the luxury of being home for their children. a clean house, gas in the car, Supper on the table when spouse arrives  home. the security of knowing my sons are doing homework and thriving at school. Financial stability is a blessing. I have a great spouse who works long days for our family. and NO I don't sleep while my boys are at school. I work from home on various projects.   August (fellow blogger )   you're on the right track of independence.  be proud....more