I'm a small-town kid living with my husband and our daughter in the midst of east coast suburbia.  I work an office job.  My cat is our household supervisor.  My claim to fame is my ability to cook an excellent roast in a crock pot with very little effort.  I adore fruity cocktails, video games, historical fiction, action movies, and shopping for just about anything.  Right now, my dream for the near future is to get settled into a house that I can remodel and/or destroy (these could be synonymous) and have two to three small children romping around said house/travesty within the next few years.  One day, I may even talk myself into finishing my BA and continuing on to grad school.  As soon as I accomplish that, I'll get around to talking my husband into it.

My Holiday Wish - Tolerance

Most of my friends know that my husband and I (and our families) have very diverse spirtual beliefs.  I'm the token snarky kitchenwitch Pantheist Pagan (or something like that...), my husband is a very open-minded Christian, as are his parents.  My mother is also extremely open-minded Christian, my father is a Druid, etc.  This time of year, we take the opportunity to enjoy time together instead of arguing about the differences in our beliefs.  We all respect each other - not in spite of our differences, but because of them. ...more

The wonderful world of TTC

My husband and I were married in early June 2008.  Since then, I've been working on this whole pregnancy thing.  So far, no success.  I'll keep you posted on that, though. Every month, I get all excited in the days before my period is due.  No one but a woman trying to conceive would be this excited about sore nipples and nausea, I promise you.   Unfortunately, Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor and, thus far, every symptom that I'm absolutely sure means that this is "the month" is, well, just a false alarm. ...more