A South Florida native who loves all things citrus & spice! She believes nothing brings people together like sharing a delicious homecooked meal around the dinner table. Cooking is her passion and creative outlet; a gift she love to share with friends and family!

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Chicken with Easy Lemon Butter Sauce

I’m a Florida gal so I always always always have citrus in my fridge! Whenever I hit the grocery store, I grab a few lemons and limes when I’m in the produce section. We use them for everything: marinading meats, a squeeze in some tea, stir fry, and of course for amazing margaritas! ...more

KINKY Mango and Blood Orange Sparkling Sangria

It’s Friday and I thought it was time to resurrect an old series and give ya’ll a cocktail Friday! It’s due time for one, don’t ya think? Normally this is hubs’ deal, but since he’s out doing the work thing so we can afford the extra little human we have in our household, you get me instead!...more

Easy Garlic Ginger Haricot Vert (French Green Beans)

Haricot… whhhaaattt?? Well, that’s just fancy talk for French style green beans… They are a little skinnier and daintier and well, that’s what Costco was selling so I bought em’! :-p Hubs and I were out running errands last Friday night with little Miss Pea Pie (that’s what we’ve been calling her) and we realized it was the 1st Friday of the month! ...more

Teriyaki Chicken with Ginger Scallion Sauce

My lifelong friend Jess just had her beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago (I get to meet him on Monday!!! YAY!)… He and Peyton are just over a month apart which is totally awesome as they will get to grow up together like their momma’s did! Cue: “awwww” :-p Anyhow, when I was just weeks away from popping I attended Jess’s beautiful baby shower that was put on by her aunts ....more

Favorite Baby Products: Newborn Edition

When I first found out I was pregnant, I googled frantically looking for baby product recommendations. Some of my most favorite items, though, came from recommendations from my mommy friends. I mean, hello, mommy knows best right?! ...more

Grammie’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake

It’s been a while since I brought ya’ll a tasty treat. Sorry about that. I’ve had a little lady that’s needed my constant 24/7 attention ....more

Peyton Amelia: Birth Story

SOOOO Sorry for the delayed announcement & lack of posting (I know ya’ll have been DYING!!!). Let me explain: 1. I have a newborn on my hands (Two Words: SLEEP ....more

Easy 6 Ingredient Graham Cracker Toffee

Ya’ll this toffee is crack. Like in a good way. A really REALLY good way! ...more

Use up Turkey Leftovers: Turkey Pile-On

I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving dinner. Like LOOOOOVVVVEEEE everything about it. Turkey, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce… all of the classics! ...more