Kendall Hernandez

My name is Kendall - I am a recently married, first time pregnant, mother of one (beast - a 2 year old Boxer.) I live in Humble Texas with my husband who is often not at home due to his profession of traveling musician. The whole musician thing makes our lives equal parts crazy, fun and drama-filled. We were married in April, he got laid off from a very good job in May, found out we were pregnant in August and we are now sitting back and waiting for life to happen (while actively pursuing alternate employment options.) I work at a playground company as graphic designer/coffee maker/mail girl/jack of all trades. They get their use out of me since about 2% of my time is actually spent on graphic design. Our human beast is due in May (thank GOD! I don't have to be pregnant during the summer in Houston!) We have chosen the name Landon Gabriel and as soon as he makes it out, he is going to be grounded for the forseeable future. It'll probably make my life easier. I used to blog about being fat and now I blog about being fat and pregnant. I want desparetely to connect with more women and not in the college experimenting way.