Debbi McNeer

I've spent most of my life trying to figure out how to maintain a normal weight. Not terribly successfully. I'm currently on my way back to normal and will – yet again – attempt to stay there. This time is different.

I'm from Ohio but have lived in the beautiful hills of southern West Virginia since 1997. I enjoy gadgets, technology, reading, knitting, running, walking and gardening. Am trying not to enjoy eating. Heh.

Too busy to blog

When life gets really really...more

July 8-11 - Photos

I've Never The woods from which the full-grown black bear recently came.I've never been so scared! Alive Hoping to keep this new plant alive in a spot where astilbe has failed spectacularly.The deer managed to prune it before I got it in the ground. Sharp Thistle ....more

Surprise, surprise

My 4th of July weekend was off the rails as far as food goes. Completely. Utterly ....more

July 6 - View

View through cattails from a lakeside trail in an Apex, NC, public park ....more

July 5 - On the table

As I've said before, coffee fits SO MANY PHOTO PROMPTS! ...more

July 4-Stars

USA! USA! USA! ...more

July 3 - Match

Going for the obvious … matching matches ....more

My mid-year mileage

I really like the MapMyRun app, and appreciate not having to figure out mileage and time and splits and pace using my questionable mathy skills, which have atrophied over time and which were never my strong suit anyway. I was probably in the art room when I should have been learning long division. A couple days ago I got a MapMyRun mid-year total ....more

July 2 - Begins with K

These kicks are already beginning to fray. They're not that old, either. Grrr ....more

July 1 - Red+White

From my walk ... fits the prompt ... some of these are harder than others ....more