Kristen Herwitz

Kristen loves food.  And eating.  She fearlessly attempts new, challenging, and sometimes exotic recipes in the tiny kitchen she has outgrown, but she also revisits the classics.  She is not a professional photographer, and her truly ancient digital camera probably does not help the picture quality – so bear with her. Although she can fill endless amounts of time researching, writing, cooking, tasting, discussing, and revising recipes on, as well as trying hundreds of new restaurants in San Francisco, she landed the most amazing in-house corporate counsel position at BlogHer where she now works full time.

Fleur de Sel and Bourbon Spice Caramels

I'm not trying to fool you. I know you've seen me make caramel before, and in step-by-step detail. But not with bourbon and Fall spices.For wedding dessert bar purposes, I kept up appearances by making about 400 of my standard fleur de sel caramels. I had to, or there might have been an Occupy Dessert Bar movement. Seriously. People get passionate over burnt sugar with salt, at least in my family....more
@Mizzola Caramel - or any candy - is special like that. Everything has to be done just so for ...more