krystina monte

i am a passionate, designer person who spends time crafting invitations, designing websites, and blogging. i also have an incredible husband and 3 amazingly wonderful children to play with. disclaimer: i eat cookies. xoxo

how to synchronize your family's calendar

synchronizing our schedules and putting everything, and i mean everything, on my calendar keeps me from pulling out my hair. it makes me look like i'm on top of everything ;)...more

why i scrapbook and why you should too

i must admit i am addicted to photography and paper and pretty things so this isn't a giant leap for me. scrapbooking is enjoyable for me because it is a culmination of my passions along with preserving family photos which becomes a lasting legacy....more

printable jewel case inserts for your photo storage

between my nikon DSLR and 4 iPhones and 2 little nikons we take a lot of photos in this family. storing them and keeping them organized can be a daunting task, if not full time job! i store my photos on an external hard drive and on CD or DVD. always have a backup right?...more

scrapbooking idea: instagram album

if the thought of scrapbooking is daunting and overwhelming to you, consider doing an instagram album. print out your favorite instagrams or order prints....more

need an excuse?

source: pen & paint on etsy...more

photo albums

i did Soleil's baby album when she was 6 months old.Francesca's when she was around 1 every day while both the girls were napping.Brockman is 5 and i haven't even started.don't worry.there will be time.i  will get there....more

overheard: web designer

 photo source: russellbooks.wordpress.comum, i know we're not supposed to eavesdrop, but this was kind of in my face and unbelievable....more

boys: are they supposed to make their mother's hair grey?

oh. my. word! this particular boy is not mine, however, i have seen this and worse. i just don't happen to think about a camera when my heart is leaping out of my chest....more

it's like camping

i keep telling myself it could be worse - we're just without flooring, furniture, and eat breakfast lunch and dinner standing up. i can't find anything and it's so dusty and dirty everywhere. but it really truly could be worse. we are very fortunate - this is nothing i say to my crawling skin....more

my 3 favorite wordpress plugins

today i am sharing, as the title implies, my favorite wordpress plugins!one of the biggest reasons i switched from blogger to wordpress was to take advantage of these sweet plugins!...more