it's about the process

this is particularly hard for me.i just want to get there!i just want to have already learned everything i need to know for web design, and not deal with the uphill battle of constantly studying an ever changing field while managing life and home....more

valentines inspiration

for the shortest month of the year, february - sure gets much of my attention, especially valentine's day. over the years i have posted a bit on the topic. here are all my valentines posts archived right here in one place :)...more

embracing imperfect messy life

this kids has endless energyno i don't have it all together, but i bet you thought i did, what with the pumping blog, all the comments, advertising, etc. and with my three perfect children who do everything right, are perfectly behaved, never make mistakes, and never spill their milk. and with my perfect house always clean and sparkling......more

a little too much solitude, maybe?

these days we are telecommuting more, working from home, and have many relationships virtually. a little solitude can be good, cleansing, spiritual, and even a little indulgent. i love it when i get a little block of quiet me time. here's how you can tell you have too much solitude:...more

How I Made a DIY Day Planner

I think we've talked about my planner addiction before. I am drawn to them everywhere I go. It is acceptable in the store, but my addiction goes beyond that. I will walk up to a stranger writing in their beautiful planner and ask them where they got it! ...more
I can't live without a planner. I am totally in love with yours. It has everything I love to ...more

valentine instagram heartstrings!

i made a sort of banner with 'loving' instagram pics and hung them from hearts on strings over the mantel....more

valentines candy conversation hearts decor diy!!!

here's a quick and easy DIY for a last minute valentine's day touch. pour a few bags of candy conversation hearts (my favorite) into your gum ball machine!...more

that's a wrap

well, to close the first month of the new year, i would like to share what has transpired so far in the last 31 daysmy son has the energy of 8 boys. look he's multiplying! ok that's not so bad, but it is exhausting!...more

what i love wednesday {No. 108}

and we're back! after a long respite and a little jaunt over to it's own blog {} what i love wednesday is back! 83 weeks on lollipops and 24 weeks on it's own blog brings us to what i love wednesday number 108. i would love for you to join me and link up your loves once again each week. i hope you've missed wilw as much as i have! here's what i am loving this week FREE Valentine printables!...more

we look good together

after a year or two of hobbling along i have decided no more! this blog is about to get put back into shape....more