Sabrina Rongstad-Bravo

I see the world through many different lenses. I'm a Writer, Culinary Enthusiast and Bon Vivante. I have also worked as an Actor and Interior Decorator. I also love working to end injustices be it towards women or towards the environment. I ADORE writing and blogging is a great outlet for all that I want to express.

My current blogs are Sabrina's London Diaries about my experience in London. Here,I enjoy writing blogs about Dating, my perceptions of English cutlure,  being a global citizen. Also, just started my blog called Green Bohemian Living it combines my love of beauty and my love for saving the planet. I am also writing a blog that just won an award for TOP BLOG in it's category called, Learning Spanish is Fun. Here, I provide tips and give insights into Latin American and Spanish Culture. I am also writing a Latin Food blog, Sabrina's Latin Kitchen, .

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Sabrina's London Diaries

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