The Help: A "Feel Good" Movie... But For Whom?

The Help, released on August 10th,  has been promoted as a "feel good" movie about strong women, both Black and White. But like the Kathryn Stockett novel on which the film is based, it's a story about a young White woman liberating her socially (and presumably, intellectually) inferior Black maids.   Image Credit: DreamWorksPictures  ...more
Hey! I read this post of yours not so long ago and had many of the same thoughts. And I too ...more

Dark Girls: Is Colorism Making a Comeback?

When it was recently announced that African-American producer Bill Duke was working on Dark Girls, a documentary on colorism within the Black community that will premiere in October at the Nashville Film Festival, the reaction was not only positive, but heartbreaking.Many Black women recounted their negative experiences on the websites that posted the documentary teaser. Some had been teased by schoolmates by family member and by men on the street, who made cruel comparisons between them and their lighter-skinned counterparts....more
As a dark skin African American woman, I can't say I've always longed to be light skin. ...more

So, Minority Kids Use More Media: Much Ado About Nothing?

A recent study released by Northwestern University, found that young people of colour (Black, Latino and East Asian ) are watching on average of thirteen hours of media (television, Internet, movies, video games, music) a day – four and a-half hours more than white children....more

I'm a follower of Kalimah Priforce and the platform(qykno) he is developing to assist minority ...more

Psychology Today: "Black Women Less Attractive than Other Women"....and Plants and Animals, Too.

On Monday morning, Psychology Today published an article by blogger Satoshi Kanazawa, who argued that, based on a study in which respondents were allegedly interviewed over a period of seven years (on an objective and subjective level), Black women are viewed as less physically attractive than other women. ...more
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Ashley Judd’s Remarks about Hip-Hop and Misogyny…..Why Are People Upset?

It seems that these days when a celebrity has something to promote, they ( or their publicist) release something provocative (even though it usually has nothing to do with the actual product) in order to gain attention. For the actor/activist Ashley Judd, a snippet of her memoir, All That Is Bitter And Sweet was, ahem, “leaked” -- and Judd was forced to give a public apology. From her book:...more

(VIDEO) "Letter to Lil Wayne" -- Young Black Girls on Misogyny in Hip-Hop

When rapper Lil Wayne was released from prison last year after being incarcerated for eight months on a gun possession charge , Hip-Hop media outlets and his fans welcomed him home with open arms. ...more
WOW! I wonder if Lil Wayne saw this music video, I hope he does and see his reaction. Women are ...more

"I Got The Fever" -- Less About Interracial Relationships, More About Clueless Bigotry

J.C Davies’ "I Got the Fever" is a perspective on contemporary interracial dating from a white female perspective. With chapters titled "Salsa Fever," "Jungle Fever," "Yellow Fever," "Curry Fever" and "Shiksa Fever," it's also a stunning display of how pervasive racial bigotry can be....more
Based on the excerpts and the quotes you provided, I feel like this book does more to promote ...more

Willow and Jaden Smith, Lauryn Hill: Is It Time to Stop Idolizing Black Celebs?

Recently, best-selling novelist Terry McMillan caused a mini-furor via Twitter when she pondered whether actor Jaden Smith, 12, and singer Willow Smith, 10, were being "pimped out" by their actor parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Willow created a buzz last year with her “Whip my Hair” single, and Jayden appeared in The Karate Kid. Lots of actors' offspring have careers as of their own, so why did this particular family come under scrutiny?...more

I'll stear clear of comment on the Pinkett-Smith family business because I'm not in a position ...more

Southern Publisher To Remove N-Word from Huckleberry Finn: Who Benefits?

Earlier this month, Publishers Weekly announced that the next print edition of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will be without the words "nigger" and "Injun" (“slave” will replace nigger)....more

This is such a hot topic for debate. I am not convinced this particular word should be censored ...more

A Ban on Brown Hobbits and a Protest of Black Superheroes

Last month, a casting agent for Peter Jackson’s latest film, an adaptation of The Hobbit was fired after he dismissed an actor for being "too dark" to play a hobbit. This month, a group is protesting the casting of Black British actor Idris Elba in the movie Thor. These are fictional -- fantasy -- characters. What gives?...more

have been established by the first three movies, so the chance that we will see anything ...more