Sandra Bullock Adopts African-American Child Despite Racist Allegations Against Her Husband

Yesterday, People Magazine reported that not only is actor Sandra Bullock divorcing her husband, reality star Jesse James, but she has also adopted an African-American baby boy. ...more
I should have said it plainer ... every child is different.  Every child will have something ...more

Lessons from Madonna and Ani DiFranco: What Indie Musicians Should Ask Record Labels (And Vice Versa)

As a metal music journalist, I mostly review albums and interview people who are involved with either small independent labels or large extreme-music labels that, while they offer quite a substantial number of artists, are still considered outside the mainstream. I am always interested in the artists' perspectives on the music industry. For the most part, the people I talk to are pretty realistic about how much labels factor into their careers ... usually very little. ...more

Using Social Media To Build Your Music Career

Using social media to build your musical career is nothing new. However, when I attended a recent discussion held by Martin Atkins at the SXSW Music Festival, I wondered if people are being as effective as they can in their usage of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. I also wondered if women musicians could avoid the pitfalls that many encounter when trying to get signed by a label and during the marketing process -- being judged on their image and not their musical talent -- by fine-tuning their usage of social media applications.  ...more

I really enjoyed this article. The power of social media has truly played a role in the small ...more

Women Talking About Women in Music: War Stories From a Male-Dominated Industry

A couple weeks ago, I headed down to Austin, Texas to attend the South by Southwest Music Festival to participate in a panel discussion called Women Write Women's Experiences in Music. We discussed the representation of women music journalists and the experiences we have had interviewing musicians, going on tour with bands and navigating our way in a male-dominated environment. While there are certainly more women journalists now than when I was a kid reading Circus or Hit Parader magazines, the lack of representation still brings out the sexism and misogyny within the industry. ...more

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's been a while since I worked in the music business - oh ...more

Journalist on Twitter: "Black Women Slaves Weren't All Victims"

Like just about every other social media tool, there are positives and negatives to using Twitter. For some, it is a relatively free and easy way to keep in touch with people that you don’t communicate with on a regular basis or to send out short bits of information to people that you think might be interested in it. ...more

i still can't believe people think it's okay to say certain things in 2010. hope he learned ...more

From Salon Owners to Ghetto Parties: Is Black History Month Even Working?

Earlier this month fellow BlogHer CE Kim Pearson wrote about the importance of Black History Month. She believes it provides the opportunity to retain and enhance the cultural significance of African-American history that everyone benefits from during the month-long celebration. While in theory I agree with her, the older I get, the more I wonder if it does any good. I don't think people are learning. Here is an example....more

This is a good, honest post, Laina.  But this made me howl like a ...more

Sex Scandals: How Much Is the Other Woman Responsible?

This week, Toronto City Councilor Adam Giambrone was caught in a position that seems to be familiar with a number of male politicians and celebrities: with his pants down. But Giambrone, a 32 year-old wunderkind who was (until yesterday) running for mayor of Toronto, was unmarried but living with a long-time girlfriend. ...more

Ah, yes, now I'm saying it with you: WHY is it still happening? I think that's really the ...more

A Different Take On Interracial Relationships: Questioning The Motives Of Our Mates And Ourselves

Many of us live in diverse communities where we interact with a culturally diverse group of people, but because I work in the downtown core in a large, metropolitan city, I understand that for some their racial tolerance has a short expiry date, ending at 5pm on Friday afternoons. Once they get off the commuter train and reach their homes in the suburbs, that tolerance goes out the window. But in this day and age, I'm of the opinion that anyone who has issues with their children dating or marrying across racial lines should have raised them in a forest or under a rock. ...more

I think this article is interesting, but I think it's difficult to understand/connect with the ...more

The Politics Surrounding Adopting "Orphans" from Haiti

I have to admit, I felt sick to my stomach when I read this quote from Queen Latifah:...more

Sorry everyone about my lateness in responding - I moved this weekend!

Thank you Tre ...more

Interracial Relationships and Biracial Children - We Aren't As Progressive As We Should Be

In the past week, there were two WTF? moments: First was the brouhaha over the latest cover of Essence magazine that featured NFL star Reggie Bush, who plays for the New Orleans Saints. The picture (apparently from an old GQ shoot a few years ago) is amazing. Not particularly my type, but I think he is still a fine-looking brotha....more