Newsweek Targets Angelina and Brad's Daughter Zahara.......Over Her Hair?

Ahh, black hair. Why there is so much pain and frustration surrounding not just how a black woman chooses to wear her hair, but how other's perceive us because of our hair, it really makes me wonder about human beings. ...more

I've warned her that somebody might slap her one day, but in reality I doubt it because she ...more

CNN's Latinos in America: Hey, Isn't that the same station with Lou Dobbs as an anchor?

I've actually been anticipating this two-part, four-hour program with glee since it was first announced that CNN would follow up it's controversial Black in America this summer. But what interested me most about the Docs is what bloggers are saying. As a Canadian, I believe that because of the Immigration debate, y'all Yanks will have a different perspective on the program, so it is Wednesday night, and I'm searching to see what bloggers are saying. And it didn't take me too long. ...more

Did Jon & Kate Split Because of Race?

Okay, this is one of those posts that even moi - race baiter that I am - is on the fence. Like everyone and their dog, I have actually....willingly turned the channel to Entertainment Tonight to watch the real-life soap opera of the Jon & Kate + 8 saga. Unlike probably many women, whom undoubtedly feel sympathy for a middle-class single mother with 8 kids, I actually side with Jon. ...more

See, I just don't think it's a matter of the gender roles being off.  Allowing your ...more

The Decision to Give Up an Adopted Child: An Adoptee's Take

Like many other people, I was mildly horrified at the thought of a woman who would take the responsibility of taking care of a child, and then when times got tough, abandon the child. But unlike many others, the first thought that didn't come to mind was "monster." ...more

 Nordette you are so turned on and see the big picture indeed.... As i read your post I ...more

The Murder of Derrion Albert: Do we pay more attention to digital documented crimes?

The recent murder of an innocent teenager who happened to be – or to live – in the wrong place at the wrong time, resonated with a number of websites and bloggerss. Young black men are killed and kill each other every day in some North American city, yet this one has resonated with many of us. Why? ...more

After a day of learning is a hard lesson of reality on streets. Two rival gangs got into the ...more

Obama on Letterman: "I Was Black Before the Election"

The was President Obama's weak-ass excuse to defend the charges of racist rhetoric (via President jimmy Carter's assertion last week) by "Birthers" Town-Hall crackpots and extreme-right wingers whom...yes, you guessed it, are using 'creative' ways to basically say that they have a problem - and some flat-out deny - that their President is an African-America...more

Sometimes we miswrite, sometimes we misread. We're humans. :-) And that's why I like pencils ...more

This Week in Race(ism): Serena, Kanye, Joe, Mark and The Bad Lieutenant

I think we can all agree that this has (well, the past couple of weeks...hell maybe this year) has been a difficult one. Things have been said that cannot be undone - even on this website. People have showed their ass, and  the phrase 'forgive and forget' seems to leave a bitter taste in our mouths. ...more

And further more..... how could you say that Kayne has been subjected to racism? Have you ...more

Black Male Journalist Tells Black Women to "Get Real".....Again

Jimi Izrael is one smart M#$%f%^&er. Wasn't that provocative? did I grab your attention? After all, on the blogopshere, there are now millions of blogs and websites that are clamoring for your attention. People post shocking and to some, controversial topics to get page views and for those who depend on the 'Net to butter their bread, advertising dollars. ...more

hey Laina.  nice reading about your personal experiences as a single black woman and how ...more

Canada's Refugee Board Gives White South African Status: He is a Victim of Racism

Original title:Canada's Refugee Board Gives White South African Status: He his a victim of Racism ...WTF? H/T to fellow CE Maria Niles for the heads up. I feel a bit foolish, actually because an American gave me a tip about a news item in a paper that is published in the city where I live.  ...more

It sounds to me that you're troubled by how easily a white person facing ...more

Caster Semenya - Hmm, What Should We Focus On? Sexism, Homophobia or Racism?

For background information on this issue, please check out PookieLocks's recent post on Blogher. ...more

At least from the IAAF's perspective.  Many black woman to do exceptionally well in ...more