A Tale of Love from Two Different Worlds

They lived together and apart, depending on the situation and their obligations. They created three girls and adopted my grandfather's much younger brothers when the boys' parent's died unexpectedly. They moved and made friends, saw Ray Charles when it was still taboo, and laid the foundation for the rest of our family. Through them we have learned what to do, and perhaps more importantly what NOT to do in life and love. ...more
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New Marketing Strategies with Facebook Timeline

Another Year, Another ChangeIn typical Facebook fashion, another year brings another change. Last year we moved from FBML to iFrame "apps" to create welcome landing tabs, many of which were a "gate" to keep new visitors out until they clicked the "like" button.This year we are saying goodbye to landing tabs and saying hello to the Facebook Timeline for our pages.Cover Image:...more
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The Armpit of Winter

 I not so lovingly refer to February as the armpit of winter....more
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The Sucky Last Few Days

Sometimes I feel like the universe conspires against me.One step forward, two steps back.I know the universe doesn't conspire against me, of course. I know I am in control of my fate and my actions. I must learn from the mistakes I make, for they are made in order to teach me a lesson.Everything happens for a reason....more
 @Laine Griffin And I am in awe of you.  Working your business from home and caring for your ...more

In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Gotta Have Faith

You know the scene in Jerry Maguire where Jerry thinks he has finally signed the number one NFL draft pick, and he has practically killed himself doing it? Now he’s driving down the road and totally jamming out to Tom Petty’s “Free Falling.” He’s totally overwhelmed and thankful, and more than a little on the edge of just not being okay. I had that moment last night. ...more
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The Versatile Blogger Birthday Dinner Party!

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In Pursuit of Crazy Eyeris: Ready for a Derby Girl Beating

My first open skating session before Freshmeat workshops begin is exactly one week away. ILWR offers two open skate sessions prior to Freshmeat workshops. During these sessions I will learn basics such as form, falls, stops, and strength training.The next time I write about Crazy Eyeris, I will be heading off to skate that night. And now I’m more excited than nervous.As you all know I’ve been worried about my skating (in)abilities, but of course you know I was pro-active about the situation.Crazy Eyeris meets shit head-on, and she dares you to get in her way....more
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My Kids Love Me, So It's All Worth It

My kids have been driving me absolutely nuts these last couple of weeks. What’s new, right?I don’t know what it is. Post-holiday wishing for more?OMG we have cabin fever, where the hell is the snow it’s February in Upstate New York, and all we have to play in is mud?We are just Ass Holes because we are 1.5 and 5.5 and we are supposed to annoy our parents?...more
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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Football and Family

I try to plan my Sunday’s around watching football, eating, and drinking. And everyone here hates me for it.I feel like this is something I’ve been doing my entire life. But when I look back at my childhood, I don’t really remember doing this often. The only time I really remember watching football is when we watched the Super Bowl....more
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Does Fashionable Equal Confident?

As someone who is actually very strong and confident in so many ways, I feel awkward thinking and feeling this, let alone writing it for everyone to see.I often wonder how people develop their sense of fashion.I really have no sense of fashion. Mine is more like, sensibility. If it fits and is comfortable, I wear it. I am very bitchy if I’m uncomfortable. Who isn't, right?...more
I know I am a tad late to the party here, but I just stumbled upon this post from one of your ...more